Trader Joe’s Yuzu Hot Sauce Reviews

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A spicy, citrus hot sauce.

2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Yuzu Hot Sauce Reviews

  1. Lilly W.

    This sauce is phenomenal! I like all things spicy and sour; this one makes me so proud! Is perfect for Asian and Mexican dishes, I never post reviews but I felt compelled because this sauce needs to stick around for ever

  2. Anna

    I absolutely LOVE this sauce. My favorite is to shake it up and pour some over soft poached eggs with sliced avocado alongside, which also absorbs some of the sauce. Simple, utter, transformative, tangy perfection.

    BUT — no sooner did I become addicted to this sauce than I could no longer find it at any of the Joes in northern CA where I live, and I was told it was no longer available. I figured it was just another item your sadistic product developers like to get people hooked on, only to have it disappear for reasons known only to some suit with an undeveloped palate who crunches numbers in an airless office and decides the fate of the marginal under-achievers, regardless of their devoted, cultish followings. (I’m still bristling over the disappearance of your frozen Kouign Amann, which was nearly as good as the labor intensive version made at my local French patisserie.)

    However, minutes ago I was shopping at a Trader Joes in southern CA, and there I found a bounty of bottles of my beloved yuzu on your shelves. One of the skippers up front told me it is most definitely still available, and he’d just this very day gotten delivery on an entire case!

    People — please get your stories straight! I just spent $8 a bottle stockpiling your sauce from another source, and now I’m cranky. Nevertheless, I did wave away my crankiness just long enough to buy several more bottles at your more reasonable price to take home, but don’t toy with my emotions . . .

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