Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Packets Reviews

(21 customer reviews)

Cold-pressed and unrefined.

21 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Packets Reviews

  1. Bill

    Great taste and reasonably priced. Use it on Fiesta omelets. Delicious and healthy

  2. Sherry Kempton

    My local Trader Joe’s told me you’ve discontinued this item. WHY? So many of us love these individual packets. Please bring it back!

  3. Barbara Day

    I second that. I’ve used these packets for years! Please bring them back.

  4. tim


  5. Julie

    These are the best! Please bring them back!

  6. Kou Nelson

    These were perfect. A jar of oil doesn’t work for what I need. Please bring them back!!

  7. W Campbell

    These are amazing! Please bring them back!

  8. Terri T

    I love these packets. They stay fresh and easy to travel with. Please bring them back to the stores! Please!!

  9. Elinor

    I used these for packing meals ahead of time for backpacking. Bring them back, they were so useful!

  10. Jen

    Bring these back!!!

  11. Cee

    Perfect for travel. Please bring them back!!!!

  12. MJ

    Another backpacker, wishing you would please sell this item again!!!

  13. Josh K

    These are truly amazing – Please bring them back! #traderjoes

  14. Eve

    Bring this back pretty please!

  15. SUSAN

    IIove these ,I always kept one in my beach bag.diaper bag,first aid kit,and of course for Coffee.I Hope hope fingers crossed that they become available soon.

  16. Dawn

    Please bring these back! I’m not sure why you discontinued them but not a smart move.

  17. Connie cataldo @

    Please please bring these back
    I just run outta them and realized you no longer carry them, they were the best for traveling
    I don’t wasn’t a huge glass bottle

  18. Kelly

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring these back! As someone who is in a different city every week for work, these were a lifesaver for so many reasons (cosmetic, cooking, health care). They’re perfect for travel or even keeping in my medicine cabinet at home. There’s nothing like them — please offer them again!

  19. BBailey

    Here I am thinking I’m going to grab a box of these to bring in my cruise. I can’t believe they’re discontinued.

  20. Anonymous

    Oh, no! I used these every day as a part of my health protocol. Having to use a full jar doesn’t work for what I need and I am SO disappointed that you aren’t carrying these anymore! Please bring them back!!!

  21. tlc

    PLEASE start stocking these packets again, clearly they were a must have item.

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