Trader Joe’s Return Policy

Trader Joe’s is great about returns. Their policy? If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase – for any reason – they’ll give you a refund, no questions asked. Even without a receipt, you can often return or exchange TJ’s items. Simply take the item(s) in question to your local Trader Joe’s, and tell the help desk that you want to return them.

Trader Joe's Return Policy

3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Return Policy

  1. This “policy” is a blatant lie! After purchasing 8 bottles of KRIS limited release sparkling wine from the lower Greenville store we found with the first opening this wine had obviously “turned”. When trying to return the remaining bottles (with receipt) at the Tulsa store we were told they do not stand by the return policy. No offer to exchange or issue a gift card. Sooo… I’m ripped off and got to make an over 200 mile trip for nothing. No more Trader Joe’s for me, my family, or friends.!

  2. Hi! Bought Trader Joe’s multipurpose UMAMI seasonings and did not realize it has so much salt! Are you allowing any returns yet?
    Thanks, Dee

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