Trader Joe’s Sauerkraut Reviews

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With pickled Persian Cucumbers.

16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sauerkraut Reviews

  1. ADB

    My daughter loves this, great to have on hand.

  2. John Knobloch

    tastes so fresh, so incredibly alive compared to dead sauerkraut in cans, and so appetizing, I think I could clean out one whole jar in one sitting. The pickled Persian cucumbers and garlic flavor sure are perfectly matched and complement the sauerkraut. You have me hooked! Love it.

  3. Virginia Claire

    Beyond delicous. Just hope it stays a staple. Best kraut I’ve ever tasted. So fresh and not overly sour. Thanks TJ for another great product.

  4. Richard

    I use sauerkraut daily at the direction of my Naturopath. I used to dread that part of my day. I tried three brands before I found the Trader Joe’s product. OMG, it’s heavenly. Now I have to stop myself when I’ve reached my designated dose. I even eat it for a snack. I’m not a sauerkraut aficionado but I believe this to be the best on the market, by far the best I’ve ever tried.

  5. Diane DeNuccio

    Phenomenal. One of Trader Joe’s best products. Real sauerkraut.

  6. Richard W Allen

    Easily the best sauerkraut in the capital district of New York. So flavorful and delicious It’s hard to stop eating it. And the pickles are an outrageous combination…. talk about synergy. I agree with others this is one of trader Joe’s best products. I tried most of the other store bought sauerkrauts in the Albany New York area. Trader Joe’s product is head and shoulders above the rest. Really and unforgettable sauerkraut experience. I combine the sauerkraut with sauteed tilapia one scrambled egg and some mayo and it’s an outrageous breakfast preparation. But the recipe all hinges on the trader Joe’s sauerkraut with pickles.

  7. Mark

    The best sauerkraut – but eat it quickly. I don’t like it once it sits in frig for a few weeks and ferments more (although it probably has more probiotics at that point).

  8. BM

    Delicious and helps you go.

  9. María Lucía Gómez-Greenberg

    I grew up in NJ, surrounded by Germans and Polish people—I’ve had the best sauerkraut. This sauerkraut is delicious! Great for digestion and yummy! Thank you! ☺️

  10. Chris

    Great product but can’t even find it anymore. I’m guessing it also got discontinued like everything else Trader Joe’s comes up with.

  11. Dan Mask

    I’m comparing it to Wild Brine products. VERY similar. Both crunchy and zesty. BUT Wild Brine is organic and a bit crunchier. Believe it or not, one of my big pet peeves with TD, they use too much salt, Wild Brine uses 60mg more than TJ’s sauer kraut.
    WB is about $4 more. the same size, the same container, the same kind of packaging. I’m wondering if Wild Brine makes TJ’s sauerkraut kraut? For my money I’m giving TJ’s Bauer kraut a try. I know that WB does not use heat in processing b/c it kills the fermentation. Does TJ’s use heat to make their sauerkraut?

  12. Leslie

    This stuff is really great! I shopped around, and the other places like Whole Foods, etc. are very expensive. Thank God for Trader Joe’s! You’ve come up with a real good one this time!

  13. Sherry

    Best sauerkraut! I just found it at TJ’s. I love pickles so this gives me pickles plus all the other benefits!

  14. Kenji in San Francisco

    I agree with all the other five star reviews on this. My favorite part of this TJ sauerkraut is the few full-sour pickle slices in the jar.

    TJ, I would love a refrigerated jar of just the sour pickle slices. That would get ten stars from me.

    I love the new refrigerated spicy bread and butter pickle slices, reviewed separately. But this would be awesome too.

  15. Frank N Furter

    I spent an hour trying to get the jar open and finally resorted to stabbing a knife through the lid. At this point I don’t even care what it tastes like. This was not the way I wanted to spend my dinner hour.

  16. Anonymous

    Amazing … keep out of the hands of idiots/franknfurters though

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