Trader Joe’s Ube Pretzels Reviews

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Teeny tiny pretzels covered in ube (purple yam) yogurt candy coating.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ube Pretzels Reviews

  1. Ricardo Andrade

    Very good version of the Ube sweet taste into another great product!! Highly recommended

  2. Natacha

    These are so good, the bag did not last 24 hours.

  3. Katie

    i have never left a food review on like anything but these are so delicious I felt prompted to rate it

  4. Arcade

    I love anything ube, so I had to give these a try. These absolutely RULE. The taste is akin to a vanilla with a slightly nutty, almost buttery flavor to it. Though I found it a tinge too sweet for my tastes, paired with the starchiness and saltiness of the pretzel, the sweetness of the coating evens out. They only lasted the evening.

  5. West

    Not bad at all, but they’re too sweet and almost have a coconut-like taste to me. I love ube desserts, but usually they’re not so over the top sweet. I gave the rest of my bag to a friend, and she said the same thing.

    Good ratio of coating to pretzel though, and good texture for both the coating and the pretzel.

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