Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Pepper Hot Sauce Reviews

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24 reviews for Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Pepper Hot Sauce Reviews

  1. Ellen

    Absolutely the best Hot Sauce out there at the perfect amount of heat!!! I buy 10 at a time!!

  2. Ryan S

    This is a very tasty hot sauce. I use it regularly, and it is very mild and flavorful.

  3. ALEX


  4. Jenny Bruseaux

    Such a great saucy sauce, but too bad it’s now discontinued 🙁

  5. Vincent H.

    Losing this hot sauce is like losing a piece of myself. It is my absolute favorite and I use it on pretty much everything, the fact that it is discontinued it a punch in the gut from Trader Joes. I know low-tech is part of their brand distinction but if they were to collect customer data on each purchase they could inform customers in advance of when their favorite hot sauce (or any other item for that matter) is going to be discontinued and save them the agony of having their favorite condiment vanish overnight. Considering they are a subsidiary of Aldi, it’s clear Trader Joes has the resources, but do they have the will is the question?

  6. Tennyson Hull

    How could you end something so simple, yet so good!? This stuff is irreplaceable. Please bring it back!

  7. Aaron

    WTF? You guys discontinued the Best Hot Sauce going!? What is your Problem??

  8. Mitch “Fire in the hole!” S.

    It took me forever to find the perfect hot sauce and now you discontinued it! Like Vincent H said above, I lost a piece of myself yesterday when I heard it was discontinued after going to TJ’s to buy 5 or 6 of them. I’m very sad.

  9. Jackie R

    This was my absolute favorite hot sauce….. I put it on everything. I keep hoping it will reappear on the shelf one day. There is nothing that compares. Please bring it back!!!

  10. Deb

    NOOOO!! Why, why, WHY is this discontinued???? Please reconsider- PLEASE!!!!

  11. Lu Jones

    This is the best hot sauce ever!!!!! WHY DID YOU DISCONTINUE IT???????
    PLEEEEEASE bring it back!!!!!

  12. L. Johnson

    I could not believe that trader Joe’s jalapeno pepper hot sauce. It was and still is the best hot sauce I’ve ever had. It is so disappointing!

  13. Lucy F.

    Absolutely devastating. I’m late to the game and just learned that it was discontinued. What a mistake on Trader Joseph’s part. I stand by Joe’s, but this one hurts. Other hot sauces simply do not compare. This hot sauce is what dreams are made of. I have less than half of a bottle left and I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s gone. Please bring it back.

  14. Anonymous

    The absolute best.
    Can’t find it anywhere now.
    How can we get them to bring it back?

  15. Anonymous

    My Trader Joes Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce is almost out and I went to Trader Joe’s today to buy a new bottle. Suffice it to say, they didn’t have any. And now after reading this, I am very disappointed to know it has been discontinued. WTF?! That stuff is great!

  16. Anonymous

    Nooooooooooooooo. This was the best hot sauce ever. All that is left is to drive the Tesla into the garage, leave the motor running, close the garage door and wait for sleep to come.

  17. Connie


  18. Kevin

    This is the key ingredient to my favorite dish of all time! Please please please bring it back or give us the recipe.

  19. Tingle

    Trader Joe’s are notorious for discontinuing the products people love most. This hot sauce was by far the best thing they ever carried. It has a cult following. There is nothing remotely like it on the market. If anyone knows who the producer was or has a recipe, PLEASE SHARE!

  20. Ben

    Man, I loved this sauce. Trader Joe’s slowly seems to be discontinuing all f my favorites. Not sure which is worse—this sauce or the andouille sausage.

  21. CJ

    Will this ever be brought back? Will someone from TJ’s answer this long standing question? I do not understand why/how they would discontinue what def appears to be a very popular item.

  22. Tracy

    Because a Trader Joe’s is not close to my home, I have always bought a year or more supply of the japapeno hot sauce. What a huge disappointment to discover this past week that it has been discontinued. This was the best stuff ever; I can’t believe it is gone. 🙁

  23. Ohall Right

    To bring folks up to date: I don’t know how many years (or decades) this was my go-to hot sauce for everything (except maybe ice cream), but spotting the same stuff a few years ago in the supermarket – with a suspiciously similar label – convinced me that TJ’s was OEM’ing that sauce (which was named Arizona Gunslinger) all that time. TJ’s has been available to me since 1978. AZ Gun started in 1985. So there you have it.

    While other sauce consistencies matched certain dishes, TJ’s JP sauce stayed on top of food and on the front row of my condiment shelf. As TJ’s has done with a few other staples in the past decade, they suddenly and unceremoniously pulled JP from the shelves a few years ago. Though aghast, I felt lucky for having seen the original label, and started buying it at Ralph’s for the same $1.99 price. That lasted maybe six months. GONE. Strike two for the favorites meter. So, like any modern human, I asked google. Lo and behold, the first thing that came up (of course) was Amazon’s listing of AZ Gun. Phew. At least they had it. The relief lasted for an eye movement. A-zon hawked it at SEVEN DOLLARS a bottle. No wonder Bezos has so many spaceships. The last resort, of course, was the mfr’s website. Yes, they retail it as well – but they apparently have a “fair trade” (i.e., price-fixing) agreement with Amazon, selling it themselves for that same outlandish price. FCOL, it’s a pepper that anyone can grow in the kitchen bay window over the sink.

    So, did Aldi buy its way out of the Arizona Gunslinger contract? Did AGun cut the cord? Someone knows. One thing is clear to every loyal Trader Joe’s customer: Joe Coulombe would never have let such a beloved product leave the shelves.

    Now it’s 2024, and I’m near the end of my last bottle. There’s just no way I’m going to pay $7.00 for hot sauce. Worst case: Cayenne – for next to nothing. Maybe it’s just time to start growing my own. That’s a worthy investment. $1.40 per ounce is not.

    What? While I was writing this epistle, Amazon magically inserted a listing on its search page for a set of three AZGun bottles at $14.99. Just how fast do these retailers respond to what folks type anyway? Still, that price is whack. Might Ralph’s have it back in stock? . . . Well, I’ll be – there it is – and it’s listed for $3.79 at that. Mucho inflation, but not full-on sauce-napping extortion. Or maybe it still is, but the rest of the price-gouging has weakened YT’s resolve. In any case, tomorrow morning’s first stop will be Ralph’s to see if it’s at least real . . .

  24. ReadTheLabels

    It is definitely NOT Arizona Gunslinger. Nutrition labels and ingredients are quite different. I’m afraid, we’ll never see it again.

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