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19 reviews for Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce Reviews

  1. Ryan

    This stuff is so good! I like that it’s a unique hot sauce and has the perfect amount of kick – spicy but not a 10/10 on the hot scale or anything. Also a decent sized bottle that will last quite awhile.

  2. Caty

    Just got this on Saturday and have used it at almost every meal so far. Absolutely love it!

  3. Wes

    TJ’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce is, as the title suggests, an awesome verde version of regular hot sauce. This was the perfect amount of spice/heat for me — definitely fairly high on the heat scale, without being a 10/10 or to the point of needing to guzzle a gallon of water to get it down. It also has a unique flavor, moreso than ‘standard’ hot sauce does. Great for dipping chips in, or putting in a chicken/rice/bean bowl.

  4. Jady

    Yep. What they said ^^^ …TJ’s Green Dragon Hot sauce has a Mexican-esque flair, with the oregano and Tomatillo… That being said, I’m eating it on Ramen right now. And will probably top some Eggs Benny with a few dashes tomorrow at Brunch. And I think I could easily spice up an arrabiata style quick-sauce with it. Not to mention tacos and burritos and enchiladas and OOOH salad dressings! Yeah, this stuff is gooooooooood…

  5. sylvia

    This is how salsa verde was supposed to taste! Its usually just a bland kind of generic sauce and the hot version is just that, hot and overpowering to any food without adding real flavour. This stuff is not just spicy/hot but actually flavourful… like how chipotle pepper actually has a depth compared to other chili peppers, this actually has a facetted, roasted, smoky sweet, a bit garlicky and spicy/hot flavour. It enhances the food. I can’t really taste the cilantro or habanjero, but I’m sure they all add to the mix in their own way. Amazing! Its seriously the best sauce I’ve had in recent memory. What have you been putting it on? I just got it home and have just been tossing it back from the bottle!

  6. Frances Siragusa

    Perfect! I’ve had a lot of hot sauce. Just Smokey, just cilantro, peach?, habanero…this adds a wonderful flavor to almost anything that needs heat. It’s great for everyday. I’ve even topped Bloody Marys with it(Everyone loved it)!

  7. Hank Neien

    I hope TJ’s keeps this around forever! It goes well with just about anything you could put sauce on, as long as you like spicy food.

  8. Michael Green

    They have a hit! Great flavor of tomatillo, habanero, cilantro. I just chose this (on homemade taro fries) over the always fine Sriracha. The next big thing? Keep it, TJ’s.

  9. Yolanda Dees

    This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I bought a bottle this weekend and its already 1/2 full. I’ve marinated chicken and steak in the sauce and I simply LOVE LOVE the Kick. I’ve told all my friends who like spicy foods to get a bottle of this green goodness quick……TJ keep this on the shelves because its AWESOME

  10. Bill Braskey

    Good on everything! I love the complexity of the flavor and just the right amount of heat.
    Tart, sweet, smokey, spicy this sauce has it all! I have even been using it on salads as a dressing. Love this sauce! TJ, keep this one around.

  11. Carol

    Best new product TJ’s has introduced IMHO! Fan-tastic on everything we’ve tried so far – eggs, in the slow-cooker, with veggies, and yes, I’ve stirred it into spaghetti sauce! Our favorite use so far is to mix with sour cream and drizzle on fish tacos. Da bomb!! Please oh please, keep this on your shelves, TJ Purchasing Gods & Goddesses…

  12. Madison McFarland

    I couldn’t live without green dragon sauce. We eat it on EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING! It is literal magic sauce. Thank you for making this TJs!

  13. Bill Ullom

    Just got a bottle today. Fantastic. My new ‘go to’ hot sauce.

  14. ann brisk

    Lordy, this stuff is good! Just the right amount of kick, and so much flavor! It’ll take so many things to new heights – eggs, burritos, soups, salads, marinades, chili, burgers, grilled cheese sandwich (any sandwich!), tuna salad, chicken salad, etc. I even mix it with chicken or vegetable broth for a delicious and warming low calorie snack. I would into a deep depression if this product was ever discontinued.

  15. SUZ

    I love eating this on scrambled eggs or any grilled meat in a wrap. It’s great. Not to spicy.

  16. Ryan


  17. Rose Cedars

    This is amazing stuff. Just the right level of heat and so full of flavor and zing. And versatile as well – complements so many different flavors and dishes. I use it on salads, in addition to dressing. It is not just for Mexican food. I like it on Greek salad with feta. And with Asian inspired dishes. I also add it to soups and eggs. As far as I know, nobody sells anything remotely like this. Would be hard to live without this product.

  18. Jenny Bruseaux

    Without comparison, the best. It makes me and my girlfriend perky and satisfied every time we eat it. So green and saucy, what more is there to say!?!

  19. Anonymous

    This is a good sauce that also works for mixing into and building other sauces. It seems to be branded as an Asian sauce but I find it works across a fairly wide range of cuisines. I wouldn’t personally call it particularly spicy, I mean maybe if you just eat a spoonful of it, but it’s not overly mild either and it has a lot of flavor. I like it a lot more than their red sriracha which just tastes odd to me and doesn’t have much heat either

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