Trader Joe’s White Pine Hand Soap & Lotion Reviews

(51 customer reviews)

51 reviews for Trader Joe’s White Pine Hand Soap & Lotion Reviews

  1. Wes

    These both smell really good and are perfect for that Winter type of feel. I would use the soap year around if it was available, but it’s extra great for the December/holiday mood.

    The lotion isn’t the best lotion I’ve ever used, but as mentioned it does smell good. I wish they sold the soap separately, though, so I could stock up on just that by itself.

  2. Alicr Klps

    Excellent product. Where can I buy more.Please email me. Thank you

  3. Ron Mathews

    I bought this set because It would look cute in the guest bathroom. Tough luck cause I wont share it. The hand lotion has the greatest scent I have ever smelled. I did not find it greasy and wish TJ’s sold it in larger quantities.

  4. KLB

    Love this scent. Wish it came in a bath soap. I do agree that the lotion is not the best that I have.

  5. Suzie Henise

    I love this combo! I only wish they sold them separately. I think I will run out of the soap before the lotion. Fabulous fragrance!

  6. jennifer Young

    I love the scent and I don’t normally like scented soaps. I also really like this lotion and did not find it greasy. A lot of lotions irritate my skin and cause itching. This one did not and seems to really help my dry skin. Unfortunately I think this may have only been available for the holidays. My daughter loves this and I would also buy more. Make it available all year TJ’s!!!

  7. Charlotte

    This product caught my eye at the checkout register. I tried a sample and fell in love. I unloaded my bags and went back in and snagged the last one just in time. This was two weeks before Christmas 2014. I went back a week later and have been checking ever since and they’re gone. If anything, I hope they’re seasonal, but would love to have it year round. Please don’t discontinue. These would make great gifts!

  8. Sandy

    I too bought this soap/lotion combination last holiday season to use in my guest bathroom. I hope this will be made available again in 2015. will keep watching for it, and will purchase for myself and for gift-giving.

  9. Ellen

    I love the product, but can’t seem to open the push down dispenser- HELP!

  10. Laura

    I’m having the same issue, can’t open it!

  11. Marissa

    I had trouble opening also — push down while turning the spigot counterclockwise — one took more down pressure than the other, but both open now

  12. E. Weiss

    These were SO hard to open! Thank you for the hint, Marisa! That worked, but my hands are still sore!

  13. Jodie Wicker

    Thanks for the tip! I couldn’t open up mind either. Love the soap & lotion!

  14. Hello U

    Cute set for holidays, and not so large that I’ll still be using it in April. My only quibble is that the lotion fragrance has a strong note of play-doh, with some piney overtones. I don’t know if this is the argan oil or what, but it’s really quite pronounced. Not unpleasant, but to me it evokes kindergarten more than pine-forest.

  15. Maggie

    Pushed down with all my weight while turning counterclockwise. These things still won’t f-ing open. They’d better take them back.

  16. Beth

    Thanks for the tip. I finally got the lotion open but still can’t get the soap open.

  17. Mary Jo Magurany

    I love the White Pine scent! Wish it was available all year long.

  18. Deborah Van Horn

    We love this combo and also wish it was available through out the year! Thanks Trader Joes!

  19. Deborah Van Horn

    We too love this combo pine Tree hand soap and lotion. Wish it was available through out the year!
    Thank you Trader Joes!

  20. John Amack

    How do I order refills of White Pine hand soap and lotion?

  21. Christine M.

    For the past year, I’ve been trying off and on to open a thing of their orange blossom honey soap and after ten minutes or so it ends up hurting my hands and i end up cursing out Trader Joe’s but still no soap. I tried the method here but it didn’t work for me. This is an insane design and Trader Joe’s should not be selling them with this flaw that makes using it impossible. I always get my soap at Whole Foods now.

  22. Terresa S

    Was given this by a friend. I adore the smell ! The soap does not dry out my hands. Lotion may seem a bit greasy to some at first but I find it absorbs well and does not leave my hands feeling squeaky or yucky. I’m very picky about my lotions. Wish they would sell the soap in a bigger separate refill bottle. I go thru the soap faster than the lotion. Had no problem opening the pumps. Big thumbs up for this product !

  23. Cynthia G

    Here is the trick to opening them. There is a slightly smaller cylinder just on top of the cylinder that is the screw-on lid. You need to hold this smaller cylinder tight so that it does not move as you move the spout counter clockwise. The spout should pop up to open within a couple of turns.

  24. Meg

    Oh my goodness I hate it already since it was so hard to open! Thank you for the tip above to hold the small cylinder! My fingers were sore from twisting!!

    I will review again later after I get over my annoyance.

  25. Britt

    Thank goodness for everyone in these comments. I finally got the lotion bottle open after turning and turning. I love the scent of this product, but come on! Can we get some clear directions on how to open this thing written on the bottle?

  26. Tim Parrish

    Second year and TJ’s has still done nothing to make this easier to open, nor even put instructions on the package. PLEASE guys, come on! 5 for product, zero for packaging.

  27. MaryO

    Just came from TJs, was going to return the lotion because I too couldn’t get it open. A couple cashiers also tried with no luck. They ended up giving me a new set even though they couldn’t open it either. After reading the reviews, I finally just got it open, so now I have lots of soap and lotion to last me all winter long!

  28. Sally

    This is really nice. I wasn’t sure that I’d like the scent but I love it and so does my boyfriend! I wish they’d make more of this. I tried to find it last year and missed it. This year I snagged one but there were only 3 on the shelf. I should have bought them all. I’ll know for next year!

  29. Valerie Scalora

    I am over the top crazy about the White Pine fragrance! You should sell it year round and in larger containers for refilling the soap and lotion set. The lotion is not greasy and makes my dry hands feel so good. After using it, I find myself continuing to smell my hands to enjoy the fragrance! In fact I think I will apply some more right now. OMG at this rate my 8 oz. will not last long!

  30. Sarah

    Thank you so much Meg! It was so easy once I followed your instructions. I was watching YouTube videos and putting all my strength into it and feeling like a crazy person! Love these now!!!!

  31. Barbara

    This was terrible to open . . . however I went on google to find out how to make the pump work and discovered that if you take the tube out of the jar and hold the base of the pump with pliers with one hand and twist the handle of the pump you can make it pop up in order to use the item.

  32. Tami

    I was gifted the set for my birthday and am LOVING it. The scent is perfect and the lotion is perfect for dry hands. The soap opened easily but I had to use pliers to hold the top while turning the pump on the lotion.
    I agree that if they are not sold separately, they should be.

  33. Bridget

    Had a bear of a time opening it…. went back to the store for fear I bought a broken bottle… discovered–Just hold the ring under the pump still, then turn the pump. EASY! Love, love, love the scent. Wish they had soap refills.

  34. Mark

    Thanks for the tip on how to open!

  35. K Smith

    Love, love, love this white pine scent and want larger quanties and yes year round would be wonderful but probably isnt gonna happen. Bought it as Christmas gifts for almost everyone on my list. After reading the reviews I’m feeling a need to include a set of operating instructions. Thanks Traders for White Pine!!!!

  36. Gail Molnar

    Would be 5 stars but for the lack of directions on the packaging explaining how to get the damn things open. Thank god some people figured it out and I found this page. Also, as someone who prefers bar soap to liquid, I would love if you made that available in the same scent. Or as oil-filled bath pearls, or bubble bath! The scent is wonderful.

  37. Happy Launderman

    Good product for the price. The soap is a good hand soap and a GREAT laundry soap.
    Yep that’s right . Eight pumps in the
    front loading washer with bed sheets, socks & t-shirts; four directly on the clothes and four in the sluice box. Very sudsy.
    Laundry came out clean with little to no pine-soap smell.

    The hand lotion is okay but not great. It is just fine for daily use but a bit too thick for what we like around this household. The
    fragrance is very limeable but too strong.
    Could dial back the strength about 25%.

  38. Jill Odice

    Love the small and feel of both! Bummed out that there isn’t a TJ’s near us here in Maine…Wish they could sell stuff online for those of us who are TJ deprived !

  39. Lois Layman

    great soap,wish you sold it all year . Is it available or going to be by it’s self.thank you. please reply.

  40. Dana

    Yeah holding the small ring under the pump is the trick- if it won’t stay still I recommend using pliers to hold it still. That’s what we had to do.

  41. Maria Day

    Awesome producet. ***** 5 Stars!!!
    Please have this available all year round!!

  42. Maria Day

    Awesome producet.
    Please have this available all year round!!

  43. Jamie

    Love the White Pine hand soap!! Please sell it separely and year round! Maybe offer the set and then larger refill options separately!

  44. Teresa

    I received the White Pine hand soap and lotion as a gift. I love the smell and the ingredients. The soap runs out long before the lotion however so I would love to be able to buy a refill for the soap; preferably in a size large enough for 2-3 refills.

  45. Dana

    The bottle is STILL impossible to open. Why not source a new bottle manufacturer?
    I have given up on TJs liquid soaps becuase of this design flaw.

  46. Heather Dolstra

    Thank goodness I finally found these comments. Holding tight the ring right below the pump was the trick. It does not seem product re-design is in the future!

  47. KaRae Priem

    I absolutely love the soap. I have been asking every week since September – has the White Pine Hand Soap arrived?

    When it arrives I will be buying 20-25 for our co-op group. We have a strategic plan that when any of us are near the closest TJ’s (2 hours away) buy, buy, buy for the group. Trader Joe’s – hear our plea – refills, sold separately and available year round, please!

  48. LarryCleaH

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  49. Lisa

    Love this item! And after the soap was gone, I used the empty holder to house my kitchen sponge.

  50. Serenity Guedel

    Love this seasonal item! Such a great scent and perfect for holiday aromatherapy. More, it is one of the few products I have found with a wintery pine/cedar scent that doesn’t irritate my skin! I look for it every year.

  51. Marla Solano

    I noticed that TJ’s has a different type of holiday seasonal soap/lotion set this year that is not the normal “white pine”. Is there a way I can find out who makes the white pine if you are no longer carrying the product? I buy this every year and I was shocked to see it not there this year!!

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