Trader Joe’s Foaming Milk Bath & Lotion Reviews

(35 customer reviews)

35 reviews for Trader Joe’s Foaming Milk Bath & Lotion Reviews

  1. Jerry

    Man, I brought this last month because I it was on sale. To my surprise it’s the best gift I got for myself.

  2. Andrea Pemberton-Wooten

    This product is great. I tried it in our local Trader Joe’s and just loved the smell and richness of the lotion. I told my husband that I wanted it for Christmas so he bought it for me. The Foaming Milk Bath is extremely luxurious and the lotion has a beautiful fragrance that lasts all day. I don’t need to use my body spray or perfume and I find myself smelling my arm all day. My only fear is that I’ll have to wait until next Holiday Season to get more.

  3. Chastidy

    LOVE this set! I wish that I had purchased more and I wish that Trader Joe’s would sell this all year round! PLEASE!!
    Makes a great gift! Clean smell. It’s wonderful.

  4. Vivian

    I’m amazed the scent last all day and love how soft my skin felt with the first use. I hope to see this product on trader joe’s shelves. I have sensitive skin and this product is the best!

  5. VAV

    I LOVE this duo! I received it as a Christmas gift and didn’t realize it was from TJ’s. My skin has been really itchy due to winter dryness. Once I used these products, my skin was SO moisturized and smelled so LOVELY — I agree with the posters that wrote the scent lasts ALL DAY. I, too, find myself smelling my arm throughout the day into the night. I wish I had known this was only seasonal because I would’ve stocked up!

  6. CM

    Both products are amazing – please bring back as a regular stock item – ASAP!!!!

  7. Kimberly McDaniel

    This is the best stuff ever! Please restock in stores. I would buy regularly to have on hand at all times!!

  8. Alexander

    I have been looking for it by weeks…please, restock in stores !!!

  9. Leigh

    I thought these sets were cute, so I bought several of them to give away as Christmas gifts. EVERYONE who received one RAVED about it! By the time went back to TJ’s to get a set for myself, there was only one left – thank goodness I snagged it before it disappeared.


  10. Bella

    Does anyone know of a perfume that smells like this lotion? I picked this set up over the weekend and have been wearing the lotion every day. LOVE it. I’m obsessed!

  11. jacqueline

    I bought some at Christmas and fell in love with the milkbath and lotion. I went back yesterday and the bath set was nowhere in sight. I was so disappointed.
    I would buy this product year round for myself and my daughter.
    Please bring it back Trader Joe’s!

  12. Stacy Altiery

    Best smelling bath products ever!! The foam is pure heaven and the lotion just perfect. I wish there was a body spray too!

  13. Colleen

    I love, love, love this product! PLEASE sell it year round! I can’t wait for Christmas!

  14. Joanne Weingarth

    Bought on a girls weekend shopping out of town. Loved it. Went looking for more and found out it was seasonal. Please bring back year round.

  15. Tania Presby

    Best, best, best milk lotion EVER. Where can I buy this? I want lots!
    I want at least 4 of the lotion. Where is it sold?

  16. Yadira

    I love this product, amo este producto es un olor único

  17. Simran K Bassi

    Stocked up on this amazing lotion during Xmas and I’m running out!!!! My whole family loves this milk lotion, including my kiddos! I find the smell of this lotion just heavenly!
    Please carry this item all Year round! You will not be disappointed!

  18. Elizabeth Moreno

    I agree with everyone else. I was at my daughters and I’d forgotten my lotion so I used hers and instantly became a fan. I love this lotion please make it a year round option for us. Please!!!!!!!

  19. Sharon Brown – Middle River, Maryland

    I was given TraderJoe’s Milk Lotion as a Christmas gift . It was “THE BEST” gift I have received ! I absolutely love the Vanilla Ylang Ylang scent ! The scent lasts all day ! I have receive many compliments on the scent ! I went to buy more and much to my charigan it was out of stock as a seasonal item . Please do bring this lovely lotion and gift set back ! I would buy it year round not only for myself and for my loved ones also ! Thank you , Trader Joe’s ! You rock !

  20. Jillyn

    WHERE CAN I GET THIS LOTION!??? My mom and I were looking at model homes, and they had some in one of the bathrooms for use and we fell in LOVE! Can’t seem to find it anywhere though. Is it a seasonal thing?

  21. Tammy

    This is my favorite bath/lotion combo. Love the scent. Wish they would sell it year round.

  22. Tricia

    Like many of you, our family fell in love with this too! The bubble bath is amazing!!!! Just found out from my local store in Charlotte, NC they do not think they will be carrying it this season. No sign of it in any warehouses! Such a disappointment since I was going to stock up on it for the year!

  23. Crystal

    Such a disappointment that this product is no longer available! I love it, my family loves it along with my friends. I and would have cleaned the store out. Please bring make this product available again.

  24. sophie m


  25. Stacie Qi

    I also digged the web and all local stores to request this item. Unfortunately, they said they discontinued this product and likely will not produce it in the future due to slow sale last year. They even donated the leftover items to Food bank. Is there anyway, if any Trader Joe’s employee read this page at all, that Trader Joe’s management could listen to the customers’ voice and bring back this product in the near future?

  26. Janice December 2016

    Agree with all the above. Love this product!! Bought last year to give for a holiday gift. So glad I kept it for myself. Waited for this holiday season expected to find again. Trader Joe’s not reordering. Very disappointed…looking all over to find it somewhere else. Unable so far. Too bad. You should bring it back all year. Perhaps putting out a sample for customers would enhance the sales.

  27. Gerlinde G. Smith

    This is the BEST lotion ever and I wish you would sell it again. Seriously, I’d buy it by the gallon for the rest of my life. Will it be available soon???

  28. Marco Maggi

    Awesome product please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will buy it by the gallons too!!!!!!!

  29. M Gott

    I love it too!
    Got it as a gift and didn’t use for a while – now love it and can’t get it!

  30. MSL

    I, too, have enjoyed the heck out of the milk lotion. Best scent ever! Cannot imagine why Trader Joe’s discontinued it. Please bring it back!!!!

  31. MSL


  32. Sharon

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Milk Lotoin…..PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back again. Wonder smell.

  33. Marco

    Please bring it back!!

  34. CJ Palmisano

    TJ’s Milk Lotion is the BEST BEST BEST lotion ever! Why is it no longer available. PUH-LEEZE bring it back! PUH-LEEZE!!!!

  35. Elizabeth Faraone

    My favorite lotion EVER! I wish Trader Joe’s would start selling it again or at least give us the recipe. The scent is divine. I chanced upon it a few years ago and I was told they only sold it at Christmas time. I’m glad I bought three more after I tried it the first time. I’ve been using it sparingly over the past two years and I’m just about to run out.

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