Trader Joe’s Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm Reviews

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36 reviews for Trader Joe’s Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm Reviews

  1. Christine

    I just purchased this Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm yesterday, and I like it so far. I used it for my dry lips, cuticles, and fingers, and it worked great! The smells didn’t bother me and the texture was smooth and wasn’t weird at all for me. I felt my skin moisturized and smooth but not greasy.
    I will keep using it for other parts of skin like elbows.
    Thank you, Trader Joe’s!

  2. Susan

    For the price, love this. I’d been using Spa Ritual for almost 3x the price and half the product. Perfect for feet, cuticles, dry spots and yes…even lips.

  3. Jacqueline

    I LOVE this stuff. I wash my hands constantly. This balm keeps my hands and cuticles from getting chapped. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen it once in my local TJs. I sure hope they restock it.

  4. Sally

    I too love this balm! I first saw this in California and was so happy to find it at my local TJ’s in Massachusetts! Smells great and not greasy. Great for my cuticles and heels! Thanks

  5. Diana

    Won’t disagree about the texture and the initial difficulty of getting the product out of the tin… Got past that and discovered what a great product this is for me. I had been using a balm by Dr. Bronner – half an ounce for about $5 (ouch). Saw this product in the Fearless Flyer and marked it as a “got to try”. Bought one tin and am now halfway through it. Have to say that I am hooked.
    Moisturizes well – lived in Arizona for 25 years, so I appreciate reliable moisturizers. Also, helpful when used on the little cuts I get from yard work, etc. Seems to facilitate healing.
    However, the balm has been out of stock for about a month now. So, when are you going to get it back in stock, Joe?

  6. Connie

    Love it! I live in Arizona too, like Diana, and it’s great for lips, elbows, knees and especially heels (which get quite the dry heat exposure here from wearing sandals and being barefoot most of the time).

    I like the smell – and contrary to a previous review, I didn’t feel like I needed (or even wanted) to wash it off right away.

    Btw Diana – Trader Joe’s in Lincoln Village in Scottsdale now has it in stock – I bought more yesterday!

  7. Susan

    This product was a total dud. I am doing a project where I review ONE TRADER JOE’S PRODUCT every single day of 2015. I reviewed this on day 89. I tried hard to like it, but yuck. Here is my full review and photos:

  8. Gina

    This like the best stuff I ever used for my feet it’s the only part of my body that was dry and crusty. Since ive been using this product my feet have been cured like I went to get a pedicure. All the dead skin has fallen off, dryness pretty much all disappeared, skin feels soft again. I would of givin the product 5 stars it just that leaves kinda a unpleasant stench on my feet but I can deal with that rather then what my feet looked like before!

  9. Veronica

    I love this stuff! Besides the usual-for skin, feet, cuticles, etc. I use just a dab of this in my hair in place of sticky hair gel. I use it in my daughter’s hair (again, just a small amount) to get rid of tangles and make it shine Also good on lips.

  10. wendy

    I bought a tin of this awhile back, and have been using it on my feet, I love the scent and it keeps my feet soft. I have to make sure my skin is well taken care of there since I’m diabetic. This does the trick, and I will be buying it again soon since I’m almost out.

  11. Trishkavicz

    My lips were so chapped, they were literally thinning and cracking at such a rapid pace nothing was helping. Just saying hi and talking hurt my lips, smiling would cause bleeding.

    I was getting tossing pasta into my basket when I turned around and glanced at the bath products. This balm caught my eye, I skimmed through the ingredients saw there was no petroleum so I tossed it in the cart. By the time I got home my lips were at its absolute worse… I put the balm on and something happened. The skin started to peel away and new skin came out. I massaged the balm into my lips for an hour at least. But finally my lips are back to normal. I recommend this balm to anyone who has seriously dry lips. There’s no scent it’s really nice and not greasy but effective. I need to stock up on these bad boys. Thanks Trader Joe’s!

  12. Michelle

    I love this little tin! Over the last few months the top of my daughters fingers and nuckles have have gotten very dry and cracked. I have purchased many products (ones without Parabens) for her to apply but this is the only one that actually worked, rather quickly. We both use it on our chapped lips and I apply it to my toddler sons hair for a fun spike. This is not a lotion but a “balm”. Think of it as a more natural substitution for Bag Balm.

  13. Amysoo

    I think this stuff is amazing. I use it primarily on my feet… Incredible results after 5 days. I’ve never had my feet look or feel this good in winter. I also use it for lips, hair, cuticles. I will keep purchasing this.

  14. Naju

    Very happy with this balm and plan to purchase more. I’ve used it on hands,feet, face, lips and frizzy hair. Love the natural-essential oils scent and the oat keeps it from being greasy. Usually keep an all purpose balm with me and this one is terrific at a great price! Thanks Trader Joe’s!

  15. Topaz

    Ive been using trader joes balm for about a year now. I love it for my feet and hands. My hands get so dry they crack and bleed. This balm soothes them. I love the scent too.

  16. Jeff

    I use it for taming facial hair and softening skin at the same time. Especially good for short, stubbly beards. Beard balm runs $15 or more for a tiny tin, so 2 oz for $4 is a huge savings. Easy to get at: rub your thumbnail on it and scrape it onto the back of the nail.

  17. Lynn Reid

    I LOVE this product. I use it everyday on my cuticles and nails, and I’ve seen a big difference. I used to have dry nails that split and snagged very easily, but now I can actually grow my nails out. I also like to use this balm in the winter when I have seriously chapped lips and dry split ends. It’s a great product, and I find the smell pleasant — kind of orangy lavender. Don’t go changin’ on me.

  18. Viola Dace

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Love everything about it. The smell, ingredients, how well it works. Am totally bummed it seems to be gone for the summer. It is the only thing I’ve found that takes care of my itchy, dry, old-lady legs. I use it daily and wish I’d bought 100 tins. Please bring it back, TJ.

  19. Looking Younger

    I put this on my face every night before bed. My skin is so soft and I think my wrinkles are even going away. I also love to use this on my dry hands and feet.

    This is a great produce to use after a day in the sun.

    I’ve been gifting this to all my friends with dry skin.

  20. Jane

    This balm was great… until it grew black mold. I hadn’t used it for about a month and when I next opened it there was loads of black and white mold No thanks

  21. Pursequeen61

    Love it! About to makemy second purchase! Great formula for my diabetic skin…

  22. Lisa

    Hooked & Sold on this Balm !

    Started using this to help with my psoriasis, now use it to seal in my moisturizer on neck, arms and under-eye. It’s great!

    The texture is thick out of the tin, but quickly softens into a pliable balm once its warmed up. The scent is mild and soothing.

    I have a tin by my bedside and one at my desk. Use this balm on your hands after every washing and the texture of your skin will become amazing.

  23. Michael S Buncak

    Works great! Excellent high quality ingredients. My favorite skin moisturizer and beard balm, none better!

  24. John Waddell

    Love it!! Nothing better for the price.

  25. Laurie

    I bought mine in Minnesota, keep in my car, put on daily without looking today I looked it’s filled with white mold on the top I’ve had it in my car probably 3 or 4 weeks and not sure why it has white mold all over and don’t know how long the white mold has been there as a don’t always look when I apply this. Now I’m disgusted and disappointed and don’t know how many germs I’ve gotten and spread from this product

  26. Pam

    why why why did Trader Joes discontinue this excellen product?????? I am so disappointed.

  27. Judy

    So sad this product is gone. My hands are so dry, I was a manicurist for 25 years and my hands have been beat up for years. After I found this and used it every night my hands are wonderful. Non greasy it absorbs right in. Wish I could find out who makes it for TJ label. I have half a tin left and don’t know what to do!

  28. Lisa

    Trader Joe’s- PLEASE bring this product back. I have been using it for about 2 years now and it is the best product I have ever come across. It is so versatile, I can use it on my hands, lips, hair, you name it. My tin is almost empty and I am so sad to see it go.

  29. Joan A.

    This stuff is great. My lips have been healed and balm is not waxy like chapstick products. Hand cream, heel moisturizer, elbow conditioner…uses are subject to your creativity. Love it!

  30. Amanda

    I saw this at the TJ’s in San Francisco today

  31. Maria

    This product needs to be brought back. It’s such an excellent product. Why it was discontinued in the first place is beyond my understanding. Please bring it back.

  32. Jill

    Please make this a year round product. It’s the only product that provides long lasting relief for my dry hands…which happen simply with washing my hands. Year round!!!

  33. Sylvie

    Best hand moisturizer! Keep it on you shelves Trader Joe, please!

  34. Daniela Voelker

    Another plead: keep it on the shelves year round!!!

  35. Anonymous

    Loves this balm for dry hands and lips

  36. Gail

    I love it but haven’t seen it lately in stores. ????

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