Trader Joe’s Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats Reviews

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Dog treats made of salmon and sweet potatoes.


17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats Reviews

  1. Zandra

    These treats got my dog very sick with diarrhea. She got sick a few weeks ago after eating these and other treats. After being well for a few weeks, I decided to try these treats again with her last night and she was sick again this morning with the same issue. Probably a lack of quality control on salmon in dog treats across the board with TJ since a salmon jerky treat had the same issue amongst reviews on this site, as well.

  2. Katherine Eaton

    My puppy got very sick from these treats too. He’s had severe diarrhea for 3 days now and we had to take him to the vet today. He also threw up the first night after he had them. I was google searching reviews for these treats and came across the one above. Stay away from these dog treats!

  3. Mel

    My dog got severe diarrhea from these treats, within hours after eating several of them. She was pooping blood and vomiting and it cost me $600 at the vet! DO NOT BUY!!!

  4. Caitlin

    Our dog was hospitalized within hours of ingesting these treats – we just stumbled across these reviews while researching! She was in the ER for two days with severe dehydration, vomiting, and bleeding. I hope Trader Joe’s recalls/discontinues them – beware!

  5. Amber

    I gave my dachshund one of these treats, and he began severely vomiting and foaming from the mouth. Thankfully, he is okay, but it was very scary and hard to see him in so much pain. We are confident that it was not from another ingestion. I will not purchase dog treats from Trader Joes again.

  6. Shirley b

    For first time bought trader joes salmon and sweet potato treats, then saw the horrible reviews of how sick their dogs got after eating, im peeved my dog has not gotten sick, as of yet, but I will not sleep until I see my dogs reaction after eating. Can I beleive what is posted ? Shirley,, owner of my baby.

  7. Anonymous

    My puppy has also been throwing up and having diarrhea for over 12 hours now after having these treats.

  8. Jennifer

    Our 8 M old dogs started having diarrhea a couple of days ago. Same time I’ve been giving them the new Salmon & Sweet Potato treats. We were wondering what’s wrong. Realized it’s the treat. Please take them off the shelves/stop selling them!

  9. Sofia

    My dog has had these treats before and never had an issue. I bought a new pack recently and gave her some and she got super sick. Very bad diarrhea and had to take her to the vet twice. When she finally got better, I gave her one and she had soft stools immediately after. Please take these off of your shelves!

  10. Ankita Vij

    Worst treats ever. My dog has foaming vomit, and diahrrea. Do not buy these treats. We couldn’t figure out what made him vomit until we read these reviews and realized it was these treats.

  11. Megan

    Unfortunately bought these before reading any of the reviews, and just like everyone else, I have a sick dog. Just two of these was enough to give him diarrhea and make him low energy and lethargic. DO NOT BUY!

  12. Liz

    Our dog was sick for a week with runny diarrhea and lethargic for a week after eating a few of these and TJs salmon skin dog treats. He had just returned to puppy daycare, so we thought he had gotten into something there. Two weeks later, I gave him a few of these treats throughout the day and now he’s moaning in the middle of the night, just like he started last time he was sick. I SO wish I’d googled this earlier! Get these poisonous “treats” OFF the shelves, PLEASE!!!

  13. Anonymous

    My dog LOVES these

  14. Michelle PS

    My dog got very sick from the peanut butter and banana back in May. It was the Only new thing given to him. Several vet visits and lots of money spent on X-rays and blood tests. All I was told from the manufacturer was we haven’t had any other complaints. Ok well now you have one. Wanted to give me free coupons for other treats. No thank you!

  15. Erin

    I am so upset after reading these reviews. I don’t understand why they are still on the shelves!!!! I gave my dog one treat, he is 85 lbs., and he has been sick ever since; diarrhea and vomiting! I will never give him anything again without reading a review thanks to this experience. Shame on TJs and this company for continuing to produce this poison.

  16. janet

    jelly like blood and mucous in my dogs stool for over a month. these treats made my dachshund extremely ill with stomach pains. I went to the vet several times for scans, meds, medicated food, biopsy etc for weeks. this should be off the shelves and a class action lawsuit for the pain and suffering. terrible product

  17. RJ

    Same, diarrhea a few hours after, consistently. Why are these on shelves? Irresponsible!

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