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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Free Range Chicken Breast Reviews

  1. Julie Fisher

    Today, I called Trader Joe’s Corporate (Monrovia, California) and asked from where their Organic Free Range Chicken Breast was sourced. I wanted to know which farms supplied Trader Joe’s that particular chicken product.
    The only info I was given was a verbal assurance that a 3rd party supplier definitely sourced the Free Range Organic Chicken only from humanely and ethically raised chickens from U.S. Farms.
    That’s right, a wildly vague assurance that the chickens come from some farms inside the U.S.

    I asked the customer service representative to please give more specific information, such as what states supply this chicken and what specific farms are the suppliers.
    The customer service representative said that Trader Joe’s does NOT reveal any of the actual farms from which this chicken is sourced and does not reveal the 3rd party that obtains the chickens.
    WOW! That did NOT reassure me at all! That answer sent chills up my spine!

    I told the representative that I would NO longer be buying their chicken. I am mostly vegan anyway, but some members of my family still eat a little bit of meat and the occasional eggs, and we have always bought products that state that they are organic, free range, and humanely raised, oftentimes from Trader Joe’s.

    But, if a company as large and wealthy as Trader Joe’s refuses to reveal the actual source of their animal products, the actual farms, transportation companies, and processing facilities that result in the finished product at Trader Joe’s, then you can rightly assume that Trader Joe’s is trying to hide something, because they are very carefully hiding that information from their customers, the customers that made Trader Joe’s very rich. It looks like I have been buying a LIE!

    Trader Joe’s is also hiding information by NOT revealing the 3rd party that obtains those products. This adds layers to the shrouded mystery of where these animal products originate. Companies do hide information, often by using 3rd party vendors, because it conveniently prevents customers from finding out that the farms, transportation companies, and processing plants that supply the meat, eggs, and dairy might not really be as humane as claimed.

    If Trader Joe’s was proud of the humane and ethical treatment of the animals that it sells, then Trader Joe’s would be publicizing precisely what farms, live animal transportation companies, and processing facilities (butchering plants) that supply animal products in Trader Joe’s stores.

    But, Trader Joe’s chooses to hide that information, very, very hidden, even hidden behind a 3rd party supplier, and that 3rd party might have to be a convenient scapegoat some day, just in case investigators discover that the supply chain is not as humane as promised.

    It has been endlessly documented that companies that claim that their meat, eggs, and dairy are “definitely humanely sourced” are lying their butts off. Even IF the farms are certified humane, whenever those farms are secretly investigated, or even openly investigated, and with thousands of hours of video documentation proving cruel treatment of animals, those farms often are still granted “Humane Certification”. So, Humane and Ethical is often a total lie.

    Now add in the animal transportation companies and the processing plants (butcher plants), and you will find a long string of cruel and accepted violence and pain.

    In the very hot summer of 2021, I drove next to a calf transportation truck that was stuffed with young cattle. They could NOT turn around. There was NO water for them to drink, and the truck did not stop at all. I drove next to it for 6 hours. For all I know, it was headed to Nevada. I do not know where that truck started. Those cattle might be in that HOT, DRY, packed to the gills truck for days, without any chance to get out and walk, and no water. That is the reality of “Humane Meat”. It’s NOT.

    Unless you can prove the farms, the transportation, and the butchering plants as being always under 24/7 surveillance to PROVE the Humane Treatment of animals, then it is NOT true. If it were, then these companies would LOVE to film themselves in action, treating animals very well. They don’t, and that tells you all you need to know. Trader Joe’s is NOT telling you the truth because they do NOT want you to know, and they do NOT want you to have any information that might lead you to investigate the farms, transportation of animals, or the butchering plants.

    It’s too bad. I like Trader Joe’s and the people that work there. But meat, dairy, and eggs from Trader Joe’s are another item off my shopping list at that store. Trader Joe’s is also claiming that they are reducing plastic. Don’t belief it! Look at all the fruits and vegetables packaged in plastic! Totally un-necessary! When I was a kid, all this plastic was NOT around. Grocery store items (especially food) was packaged in glass, metal cans, aluminum cans, paper, thin and thick cardboard, and waxed cardboard for wet products like milk. Fruits and vegetables came loose or in thin cardboard boxes. It’s crazy, and Trader Joe’s is not reducing plastic as it claims.

    Trader Joe’s is improving its vegan products, but I wish they did NOT come in PLASTIC!!!

    This is my real name. I live in Encinitas, CA.

  2. John

    I appreciate the nice prices, but it is suspicious that there’s not more information about if the chicken, beef, etc was humanly raised. We want organic, heirloom and most importantly humanely raised meat. Trader Joe’s, please respond to let us know you’re more than just branding. No response = not ethical.

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