Trader Joe’s Chicken & Sweet Potato Dog Treats Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken & Sweet Potato Dog Treats Reviews

  1. Sharon Hayes

    My dog, Emma simply loves them and won’t eat other treats! Please bring them back on the shelves!!! What gives??

  2. Arnold

    Where is this product please bring it back.

  3. MAE

    My coonhounds miss their favorite baked treat. Any idea when/if they’ll be available again?

  4. Lawrence Kennedy Cook V

    My dog cannot live without these treats. She hides them every morning and then makes my wife go help her find them when she gets home from work. I hope and pray these are brought back. Medic. Ugh.

  5. doug

    You can read my review of the sadly now defunct Chicken & Cranberry recipe dog treats to see that I buy 1 of each of their treats & make a big mixed bag. Un4tunately that was 1 of her 2 favorites tho she eats them all.
    Now I apparently missed this one tho they have a sweet potato one… is that chicken or is that salmon? I didn’t pay attn. But i think it’s back bc they were gone. She lovesthese too.

  6. MSilver

    My dog loved these and will not eat any other dog “biscuit” since. It’s been a few years now – how sad! Please bring this dog treat back

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