Trader Joe’s Chicken & Sweet Potato Sausage Bites with Cranberries Jerky Dog Treats Reviews

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Grain-free, slow smoked, and made in the USA.


15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken & Sweet Potato Sausage Bites with Cranberries Jerky Dog Treats Reviews

  1. Sandra de Castro

    My manager brings her pom to work everyday and I brought him these sausage bites which he absolutely loves!! When I ran out I went to your store in Ballard and they were out of them so I thought I would try the turkey & cranberry dog treats. Well, Daiji hates them. He sniffs and walks away. I need those sausage bites so please tell me when they will be back in stock!!

  2. Bill Whitson

    I agree with the prior reviewer. My dog loves these treats. While I stocked up when they were available, I was sorry to see them gone from the shelves. Please let us know when they will be back.

  3. Linda Caldwell

    My dog loves them too. Please bring them back, they are a tasty hit with my boy! He’s picky but he loves these treats.

  4. Margaret

    Please please bring these back my little Ava is having severe withdrawals

  5. Rebecca Lowen

    My dog Lollipop, loves these! Very disappointed when I went to buy more today, they were all gone. They couldn’t find any info in the computer. Lollipop hopes these haven’t been discontinued!

  6. Carolyn

    My German Shepherd rescue isn’t very food motivated and doesn’t care for most treats. We’ve tried all the Trader Joe’s treats and these are by far the biggest hit, no contest. Every time he hears the bag he gets that wide-eyed whites-of-his-eyes excited face, which he usually only reserves for cats and squirrels. The glucosamine supplement is a bonus since his breed is prone to joint problems. I was so disappointed to see they were no longer on your shelves. Please please bring these treats back!! We are obsessed and desperate!

  7. Gina Kopp

    Bingo is my Ratt Terrier who’s turning 20 or 21 this month. He loves your Chicken and Sweet Potatoe Bites. He deserves the best. Please bring them back! His taste buds’ happiness depends on them.

  8. Annette

    My little dog Lucy is the finickiest eater but absolutely LOVES these Chicken & Sweet Potato Sausage bites w/cranberries treats!!! Please bring these treats back!!

  9. NIna

    another vote for these to come back PLEASE!!!!

  10. Linda

    My dog Billy anxiously waits for me to give him these sausage treats when we come back from our walk everyday. I’m sad to see these are gone from the shelves of both Trader Joe’s near me in NYC. The manager of one store said they were testing these on the shelves & no decision was yet made on whether this will be a regular item. Please bring these back to the stores. I’m running out of supply soon.

  11. Sonia Smith

    This treat is best for our 4 chihuahuas ever they had. They are crazy over this treat.. please come back ..

  12. Rose

    Tommy is very particular. He was enamoured with these treats!
    I’m sorry to find his stock of these cannot be replaced.
    Please bring this great treat back!

  13. Nina s

    Yes please please please bring these back. They should not just be a holiday treat

  14. Kelly

    Please make these tasty dog treats available year round–my dogs are absolutely crazy for them. I bought a case last year and my supply is dwindling, so they now only get to split one treat a few times a week. I am keeping my fingers crossed with autumn just around the corner that they will be back on the shelves again–we can’t hold out much longer!

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