Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli Reviews

  1. Joyce Mazzoni

    I love most every Trader Joe’s product, so I was looking forward to having their Lobster Ravioli for dinner. If there is ANY lobster in the filling I’d be surprised. It just takes like a sweet cheese filling. How disappointing. I certainly won’t make the mistake of buying this product again.

  2. Susan Eddy

    Completely bland. Absolutely NO flavor to even critique. AT ALL

  3. CW

    Pretty disappointing. Not much of a lobster taste at all. No chunks of lobster.Not really flavorful at all. Sad for a place that hides a lobster in every store. You’d think it would be a banner item.

  4. Murph

    Very disappointed!! Made these with a vodka cream sauce that I went through great lengths to prepare, thinking the ravioli would make it worthwhile. NOT. The ravioli tasted nothing like lobster, but slightly fishy tasting. Saved my sauce but threw the leftover ravioli in the trash.

  5. Donna

    Love Trader Joe’s products!! Lobster Ravioli’s – NO! Bad, so bad I can’t believe Trader Joe’s has their name on them. Buy Rana MAINE LOBSTER Ravioli’s – they won’t disappoint!! Sorry TJ’s (so many other things are awesome!)

  6. Ryan Hollis

    These aren’t bad, just disappointing. I think in some of the ravioli you can get a bit of lobster flavor but not most. Maybe lobster just doesn’t translate well to ravioli. Also a couple ravioli came unsealed and dumped all their filling into the water.

  7. Anonymous

    First of all, I LOVE Trader Joe’s for most of their products! Not this product…
    The flavor* could have been alright if the raviolis hadn’t exploded in the boiling water! After searching the web, I found the best way to cook raviolis is to let them sit covered in the water after it boils and after turning off the heat. It does NOT say to do that that on the package! Why do I have to search the web AFTER I’ve already ruined the meal!
    *About the flavor, it would have been alright but not excellent because it didn’t taste like lobster, more like fake crabmeat.
    DO NOT BUY this product !

  8. Anonymous

    Awful. Mushy, fishy in a nasty dried cod fish crabmeat taste. It isn’t lobster. Maybe it was freeze dried lobster. Sickening. Like it was processed through a tube.

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