Trader Joe’s Better Than Leftovers Dog Treats Reviews

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Soft-baked dog treats in assorted flavors including Roast Beef, Gravy, Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, and Apple Pie.


18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Better Than Leftovers Dog Treats Reviews

  1. KS

    I was excited to try these because they were fun and sounded yummy for my little toy poodle/Havanese mixed dog! My dog enjoyed them- however, he started to act very lethargic and not want to eat on and off for a few days. He would vomit and then feel better/ want to eat again so I would offer him this treat because I felt bad for him. Well, I came to realize I am pretty sure it was these treats that were causing him to vomit! I threw them out and he hasn’t vomited since. Just wanted to write a review for dog owners to be cautious and aware if you notice any symptoms like this in your dog!

  2. Alanna

    I’m so glad I found the review above because I thought I was going crazy. My dogs as well became very lethargic and overall just not acting well. I have thrown the treats out.

  3. T’s Mom

    We just made this connection for our dog too! I’m glad and sad to see this!

  4. Berta

    Its 4/12/23 I gave my little dog 1 of these treats at noon, she ate it, I offered her a second one and she wouldn’t eat it, SO not her to NIT eat! 1.5 hours later at 1:30pm today she vomited the treat out and it smelled SO FOUL! Like very concentrated feces but it was her vomit. Now I realize this is why she’s periodically vomit, it was AFTER these treats & also with Trader Joe’s salmon jerky dog treats

  5. Meghan

    My dog unfortunately had diarrhea after eating these. I thought I was being dramatic until I saw these other reviews. I’d stay away.

  6. Tracy L

    My Maltese loves them and hasn’t had any issues at all. I’m fact he has a very sensitive stomach and is on a RX diet, so I have to be cautious with treats. I’m on bag 3 of these treats, he hasn’t had any issues or vomiting whatsoever.

  7. Montez Peterson

    I fed my dog a couple of these treats and within 24 hrs she was lethargic, shaking and her stomach was very hard. Stay away from this treat!

  8. Leah

    I gave these to my two dogs and they have been sick for going on 5 days! I just read these other reviews and am glad I figured out what is wrong with them. Took to vet yesterday and had to get probiotics to help their poor bowels!! I am throwing these out!!! Vomiting from one dog as well!! They smell horrible

  9. GLai

    We miss the treat! My dogs love it. Please bring it back!

  10. Thomas Ulrich

    Both my Pups love these treats…hard to find similar goodies for the pups…

  11. Anonymous

    Went to repurchase and was told no longer available, very disappointed. 2 dogs have had no issues. Easy to break the treats into pieces to control the “too many treat weight add on” that can happen. Please reconsider bringing back this item.

  12. Nina

    We’ve used these treats for years. Not only does my dog love them, but half the dogs in the neighborhood line up to see me as I became known as a treat lady in canine world.
    We never had any issue and I never heard any of our neighbors complain either.
    We miss these treats !

  13. Suz from Seattle

    We have been enjoying these for years. So disappointed that both TJs near my home are no longer carrying these. Please bring them back!

  14. Aly K.

    My corgi absolutely loves these, they are his favorite treats and we can’t find them anywhere now! Please bring them back!

  15. BrendaG

    So sad to see these gone – I have two dogs that are both allergic to chicken- this was one of the few treats without chicken, chicken meal or chicken broth in them- they loved them and I used them to crate train them- three years later they run to their crates at night looking for their treat- sad to hear this may be the last bag !

  16. Bmax

    Another sad customer about hearing that these chicken-free treats have been discontinued. My dog loves these and has not had any issues with them. My dog will actually come stop whatever he’s doing and will sit dutifully for these whenever and wherever. Arghhh, Trader Joe’s!!

  17. Kim S

    We have two Pomeranians, 3 and 4 pounds, that LOVE Leftovers treats! I break the soft treats into 8 tiny pieces so they can chew them and swallow without choking. The treats have been a blessing for us. Please bring them back!!!

  18. Kelly C

    Ugh third trip in looking for these and now I know why they are missing. I too was popular with my friends dogs and my two babies loved them. Please come back with some alternative with similar texture and flavor for us soon.

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