Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Wheat Crisps Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Wheat Crisps Reviews

  1. Susan

    I have been buying Wheat Crisps for several years and they are my family’s favorite crackers. I was so disappointed to learn that they were discontinued.

  2. David James

    Discontinuing them is just wrong.

  3. Elena

    Why would you discontinue such a tasty and great product? Please bring them back!!

  4. Mike & Mary Dadarria

    Our favorite crackers. Why would you discontinue them???????????????

  5. Anonymous

    My and my son’s favorite crackers with EVERYTHING. Better than wheat thins. Bring them back!

  6. Kathy

    My favorite cracker, by far. Why are they being discontinued???????

  7. Anonymous

    These were the best! When will my crackers return from the war? Please bring them back!

  8. Jeff

    Discontinued? Discontinued?!!? Oh, please, say it isn’t so!!! Now what?

  9. Dave

    These are my favorite crackers. I am very sad. Does anyone know where to buy something similar?

  10. Christina Hahni

    Nothing can change the fact that Betty White is gone forever.
    It does not need to be so for these beloved crackers. Please, we beg you, bring them back.

  11. Tim

    I had bought these wheat crisps for years and then suddenly they were gone during Covid. Safeway made a pretty close cracker but that too is discontinued. What gives? Bring them back Joe—-please. And while I am at it those enchiladas in the green and orange plastic bags were awesome and a staple of our diets. Now all the kids are all way too skinny. So you need to bring those back too. And the raspberry beer (Lambic) in the big bottle so I can tolerate the skinny kids in the basement.

  12. Dave

    The Wheat Crisps were your best cracker. Please bring them back. Made in Canada!

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