Trader Joe’s Stone Ground Wheat Crackers Reviews

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40 reviews for Trader Joe’s Stone Ground Wheat Crackers Reviews

  1. G. R.

    Has anyone noticed that in the last few months the crackers have gotten less dense? They seem to be more airy and less sturdy now, which is a great disappointment. Please tell me I’m not imagining this change.

  2. R.R.

    These used to be one of my favorites, but they changed the recipe. Such a shame. Now they’re thin and wafer-y, and crumble when you try to spread cheese on them. TJ’s should bring back the original recipe.

  3. Wes

    These are mediocre – definitely nothing special, and not as good as the popular brand of stoned wheat thins. Not much of a flavor (not that I expect crackers like these to be “flavored” but they really are very bland). I wouldn’t buy them again. I even tried using a dip with them and they still weren’t very good.

  4. Madeleine

    You can’t change a product this much and keep the same name and packaging. Loyal customers expect brand consistency. Bring back the originals, or change it to a new package, name and product

  5. Kate

    Love these crackers. They are thin, crispy, great with cheese and anything else you would want to put on a cracker

  6. Kate mego

    Always loved these crackers. Great with cheese and all kinds of goodies.

  7. Paul

    I’ve liked these crackers, but I’ve noticed they’ve disappeared from the shelves of all my nearby TJ’s. I asked about them today: discontinued. If you like them and you still see them on at your TJ’s grab them, because it looks like they’re gone.

  8. Nyla Larsen

    Stoneground wheat crackers ! Loved those crackers because the brand from Canada had sugar !!! in them. TJ stoneground crackers were my favorite TJ crackers – a staple. Now what? These were hardy with a great natural wheaty wholesome flavor.

  9. Jean

    Please bring these delicious crackers!!

  10. Rosemarie

    Please continue to sell stone ground wheat crackers. They are a staple at our house.

  11. dan

    I have heard that these are to be discontinued as an item in your Boston (back bay) location. I would hope this is not the case. Please advise.

  12. Don Rogers

    I switched from Ak Mak when they started tasting stale during the pandemic. I discovered i liked Stone Ground Wheat even better. And now they’re gone. Please bring them back.

  13. M Carr

    I also always have many boxes on hand at my house. They are a snack “go to.” So many of the crackers at TJ’s are not very healthy- high calories and fat. Please bring them back.

  14. J Cross

    I also have enjoyed these as my “go to” cracker for years, good with cheese or dips. They have disappeared from my Needham, MA Trader Joe’s, and I am very disappointed. Please bring them back.

  15. Wayne

    Bring back these crackers!!!!!!!!!!!! Have been buying them for what seems like 20 years or more. This is one of the WORST aspects of Trader Joes, a great product disappears out of the blue! Have you no moral?? No sense of tradition? No care to your long time customers? It would be like if the Premium saltine disappeared, that will NEVER happen because they are like tradition! Used for many many years! Bring back these crackers Trader Joes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Joyce Weaver

    We love these crackers, bring them back!

  17. Fergus Graham

    My favorite and such good crackers. I was in a state of disbelief and truly upset when I discovered they were discontinued , and their place on the shelf now occupied by sweetened and flavored varieties. I am pleading for them to be brought back even if that takes a couple of months.
    Fergus Graham , Nov. 10, 2020

  18. Gregory David

    The rating is for the cracker, even the new version – TJ, WTF I am now doing more shopping elsewhere in retaliation. Dropping this staple for me is unacceptable.

  19. Ann Paradoski

    We NEED these!!!

  20. heather

    So I know we are supposed to be thankful right now. And I am – that I ever had these in my life – but I am also sad now that they are gone.

    What a perfect cracker – not too salty to top with salty things and dips but not so bland that you couldn’t enjoy one by itself. The perfect size for cheese slices too. I hope they bring them back.

  21. Peggy Jo Tashima

    I love these crackers and can’t believe they have been discontinued. Aren’t we suffering enough with COVID; do we have to give up our favorite crackers? Have mercy and bring them back, please

  22. ng

    Bring back these crackers!

  23. Pete

    OMG. Just learned today they are gone forever. Please, please bring them back

  24. Amir Guerouate

    Please bring these back they were so good! It seems trader joes takes away every cracker. First they took away the delicious rosemary crackers. Then the saltines and now this.

  25. darlene

    I was in utter shock when I wanted to buy these crackers at TJ’s in San Francisco and was told they were discontinued. I don’t like any of the other crackers at TJ’s so I don’t buy any. I did try a couple and they were awful for various reasons. Please bring them back ASAP. Thanks.

  26. Mia

    Trader Joe’s has broken my heart before (I wept when they discontinued granny apple granola, which I’d eaten almost daily for 20 years), yet I keep coming back. I should have known when these crackers moved to the bottom shelf. These were a staple in our house, and I always had a box or two in reserve. Now crackers are ruined for me. Please bring them back!

  27. Anonymous

    These were a staple at my house and are eaten by preference over bread with all kinds of toppings. I cannot express how disappointed I am they have been discontinued (especially after the change in Red Oval Stoned Wheat Crackers recipe made them inedible.) I only go to TJs for these, but of course always pick up some impulse items. Please reconsider this decision and I’ll return as a shopper (in Oregon).

  28. roger

    Trader Joe’s you suck! Bring these crackers back you jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please everyone stop buying at TJ’s for a year! Protest! Anyone get’s my $$ but you! You pigs!

  29. V.P. Jonas

    Please Bring back these crackers. They are a mainstay.

  30. Patrick Williams

    TJ seems to have a cynical view of marketing. Either the product is rocking the world or it’s scheduled for termination. Makes them seem unreliable.

  31. Dachsie Po

    My conure will only eat these crackers. She is really displeased with TJs .
    Try explaining the lack of her favorite crackers to a spoiled small parrot !
    TJs, bring back these crackers !

  32. Susanne Ziegler

    Please bring these crackers back! The best ever!

  33. Rico

    PLEASE BRING THESE BACK…I avoided TJ’s bc of the pandemic, but now that I’ve returned I’m sad to see my go-to cracker gone. I typically buy 2-3 boxes/wk, so I’m forced to buy them at Whole Food$ now.

  34. Mary K

    Every now and then a TJ long term favorite disappears. Why would Stone Ground Wheat crackers be removed? If vendor has stopped producing can you please find a new vendor and reproduce? Seems many of us miss these! Best crackers ever with Brie (and much more). Please do some work to bring these or a reasonable substitute back.

  35. Susan

    Dropping a long-term, much loved item is nothing new for TJ’s. I have put up with seeing my staple items disappear, with nothing that is as good to replace them. I am honestly fed up with what used to be my favorite store, even when I have to drive more than I’d prefer to gettheree. In my case, it’s the Ak-Mak crackers which I have purchased for a good 20 years. Now, suddenly, they are gone, discontinued permanently. The last time I shopped at TJ’s the manager said, “haven’t seen you for a while,” I should have told him that the more of my staple items they remove, the less reason I have to shop there. I know that ak mak are available else where, but for at least $1.50 a box more! However, I will keep searching for them. I’m weaning myself off of TJ’s and now only shop there for the few special items that I can’t find anywhere else. And the next time the mgr asks why I’ve not been there for a while, I will tell him exactly why.

  36. Darlene

    Why won’t TJ’s at least explain to their customers why they have chosen to stop selling the crackers! The 5 star rating is for the crackers, not for TJ’s choice to remove them.

  37. Margaret

    These crackers have been part of our family outing tradition. We’d always bring these crackers and Muenster cheese on family outings. I can’t tell how sad I am that Trader Joe’s has discontinued them. I hope they reconsider.

  38. Holly

    What happened? Love the stoned wheat thins.

  39. Helen

    Why does TJ’s keep discontinuing its best products? These were actually even better than the Red Oval stoned wheat thins—which have now apparently been discontinued. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK PLEASE PLEASE….

  40. alan

    it is highly unfortunate that you discontinued these crackers!
    These are the best ones around, and nothing to take it’s place, c’mon don’t be like that,


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