Trader Joe’s Organic Red Wine & Olive Oil Vinaigrette Reviews

(15 customer reviews)

15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Red Wine & Olive Oil Vinaigrette Reviews

  1. Victoria

    This is the best salad dressing ever!! One of my students is lazy but knows now how important organics is. He loves Three Bean Salad and this dressing makes it so easy and tasty. I’m going to start using it as a marinade too!

  2. Melis

    Best organic store bought salad dressing I have tasted! Perfect balance of oil and vinegar.

  3. Dans Juarez

    I love this salad dressing. It’s my favorite to use for salads. I usually add a little vinegar to it as well.

  4. Pamela

    The only dressing my mom liked as a substitute for making her own. So bummed it was discontinued!

  5. Anonymous

    Please bring back this salad dressing! love that it did not have a lot o sugar added.

  6. Pamela Winn

    Where has my favorite dressing gone? This is probably my favorite store-bought dressing. Are usually make my own but there’s something about this one that was so delicious and every time I go to Joe’s I’m so sad that it’s not on the shelves. please bring it back!

  7. Erin SK

    STILL MISSING THIS DRESSING. It was the BEST. How in the world can it have stopped earning a place on your shelves??????? No one else makes a dressing as good and none of the other TJ dressings match up. I suppose I could make my own, but I am too lazy.

  8. Laurel Fender

    I woud like to add my voice to the many requests to bring back this wonderful product. I have finally mastered my mother’s simple-but-glorious oil & vinegar dressing that we make in the bowl, but as others have expressed, its just about the only excellent bottled dressing on the market for those days that I just don’t feel up to it. Is there any chance you will bring it back?

  9. C. Dominguez

    This is hands down the best oil and vinegar dressing I have ever tried. It was my go-to dressing anytime I had salad. Why is it that Trader Joe’s always discontinues my favorite products? Please bring it back. Thank you.

  10. nancy Phillips

    IM STILL TRYING TO FIND a replacement..I CAN’T
    .PLEASE bring it back ASAP!

  11. nancy Phillips

    IF you’re not bringing it back..please share the recipe

  12. Rani

    What a travesty to read that they used to sell this and now they don’t. I have to buy the prepackaged salads to enjoy the dressing! Bring it back, please!

  13. Tammy Roberts

    Please bring back the red wine vinigarette its the best I have ever had.

  14. Lisa

    I cant find a good substitute …my salads just aren’t the same. This was such a big disappointment…would love Trader Joe’s to bring it back or share the recipe!!!

  15. Lisa L

    Please bring it back! Best store Italian dressing ever!!!

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