Trader Joe’s Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette Reviews

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28 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette Reviews

  1. Lena

    This dressing was delightful. I wasn’t sure that it would be, because it seemed like an odd combo of flavors, but it went perfectly with a salad (without even adding croutons or anything else). I recommend giving it a try, and am looking forward to eating it many more times in the future!

  2. Wes

    I really enjoyed this dressing! I actually don’t normally like soy sauce, but I decided to give this a try anyway, and I’m glad I did. It made an otherwise boring salad taste more like Chinese food.

    One note: I even tried it on a tofu stir fry, but didn’t enjoy it as much in that way, so I’ll stick to using it on salads.

  3. PR

    This is a staple in our house – and suddenly vanished (08/2019) from Trader Joes. Anyone know what happened? Where else to purchase (other than Amazon @ the 1400% mark up)?

  4. Kirsten Beeler

    My favorite FF salad dressing!
    Does anyone have a recipe that approximates this?

  5. EA

    Staple in my house too. Just learned that the dressing has been discontinued due to lack of sales. Not happy!

  6. Laura Souza

    Can’t live with out it. This dressing is so versatile and yummy not just as a dressing but major bursts of flavor when cooking with it. A little goes a long way ❤❤


    dang it was our favorite dressing. not happy

  8. Nicola Scott

    Love, love, love this perfect dressing! Has been a staple in our home too. Very sad to hear it has been discontinued. Please could educate people how fabulous this is and bring it back!!!!!!

  9. Lora

    So sad this dressing discontinued! It was very versatile and lots of flavor!
    Low calories! Please bring back!

  10. Anonymous

    Wah. My favorite dressing!!

  11. David

    Trader Joe, how could you? I couldn’t believe when I was told by a store employee that you have discontinued this dressing…. Sooooooo disappointing. This dressing was a staple in our house for years. This was the only reason I had a salad (almost daily) for lunch at work for years, and never got tired of it. I really don’t know what I’m going to do now. I may have to give up salads. I can’t remember a dressing I enjoyed more, and I’m 60 yrs old. If you can’t bring it back, can you give us the recipe? Seriously.

  12. Mary Connelly

    This dressing was the BEST. So disappointed it has been discontinued. I agree it should be brought back….PLEASE.

  13. kc

    Please bring it back! Our favorite.! Practically the main reason I ever go to Trader Joe’s! Or let us know where else it can be purchased. Notice label says Trader Mings.
    Lack of sales?? Shelf was almost always close to empty. I bought them 3or 4 at a time!

  14. Felicia

    Please bring this back!!!!!!This dresssing was a staple in our house we loved it. I was sooo upset when they discontinued it. I don’t understand how there was a lack of sales. It seemed to fly off the shelves here in NYC. I used to get 2 bottles at a time to cover us since we used it so much.

  15. Janet

    Please bring this dressing back. Loved it and miss it!

  16. Sharonn D. Caldwell

    Hey, Its Awesome Sauce,
    It Taste Amazing with the Thai Vegetable Gyoza and The Thai Shrimp Gyoza Can you
    Please, Please Please In The Name Of Jesus Bring all of these wonderful products back! I Command you to Bring Back The “Trader Ming’s Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette”, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors and Fat Free. I Thank you in Advance In The Name Of Jesus! God Bless You and Your Family and Your Company. God Loves You and So Do I.
    P.S. Bring Back all Three Products mentioned here, Especially that Sauce. Thank You!

  17. Ashley

    Not happy!!! Trader Joe’s, please bring this back!! This was my absolute fave and my 7 year old son’s too!

  18. Jennifer

    The only dressing my husband LOVES! Please bring it back!!

  19. Melanie

    We drove an hour on Sunday to the closest Trader Joes for dressing only to find out that they didn’t carry it anymore! Please bring it back! It was the best dressing on the market!

  20. Yolanda Cunningham

    PLEASE bring it back!!

  21. Meredith Moreland

    Why? Why? WHY???! I was buying this stuff 4 bottles at a time… when I got down to two I went looking for more… only to hear it has been discontinued… and tonight?… Tonight, the last drop fell from my last bottle. I’ve been rationing this stuff, denying company the privilege… hoping against hope we could make it last long enough for the folks, at Trader Joe’s, to come to their senses and BRING IT BACK! And now??? Now, it’s all gone!!! GONE!!! Never to return??? No recipe???‍♀️ No help as where to go, for our fix?️ Nothing?! No mercy!?! Trader Joe’s, just WHY?!?!?! Bring it back!!! You know, with foot-shooting decisions, like these, you’ll be canceling my favorite garlic olive oil too and I’ll have no REALLY tempting reason to set foot in a Trader Joe’s again. PLEASE!!! BRING IT BACK!!!

  22. need dressing

    Bring it back! You have no substitute asian style dressing offered! Hate when you dicontinue items!

  23. Sharon Burns

    We need this back.

  24. Thomas Dotter

    I miss Trader Ming’s salad dressing sooooooooooo much. Why did TJ’s stop selling this product?

  25. Fran Spraetz

    PLEASE consider bringing this back. I always buy it buy the case.

  26. Anonymous

    It was the best dressing! Still looking where I can buy this??

  27. Leah Hunter

    Please ring this back, Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette.

  28. Judith Garrison

    PLEASE bring back your refrigerated sesame dressing. I’ve thrown 5 similarly labeled dressings that can’t compare. This is getting expensive!!

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