Trader Joe’s Family Style Meat Lasagna Reviews

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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Family Style Meat Lasagna Reviews

  1. Nancy

    a very good frozen lasagna with a homemade taste.. much better than Stouffers

  2. jen

    one hour of cooking in the oven and you have a great meal for 2 best frozen lasgna

  3. Amy Macbride

    The best we have ever had. Want to get another one for the freezer .

  4. Mark Schaeffer

    Best lasagna I’ve ever had. No single ingredient overwhelms the final results. I chop and mix it up so that every ingredient flavor hits at the same time. Makes all Stouffer’s lasagna products inedible by comparison. Four times less expensive than Stouffer’s.

  5. Marcia Ann Sanguinetti

    This is THE BEST frozen lasagna out there. It is perfectly balanced in ratio to noodles, ricotta, stringy yummy cheeses and sauce. The sauce really tastes homemade too – spicy and rich. For the price, this lasagna is a steal considering that making it from scratch is relatively expensive not to mention time consuming. On a final note: I am Italian and know a good lasagna ! Cheers and way to go TJ’s !

  6. Reed

    I thought it was kinda bad. Actually I’d say Stouffer’s is better. I mean nothing beat’s grandma’s lasagne, but I was pretty excited about this, and it’s ‘meh’ at best.

  7. carole

    Best frozen lasagna I have ever tasted — I will make sure I always have one in the freezer — I made it in the oven rather than the microwave and it was delicious.

  8. Michele G

    This is the best lasagna! It rivals all the finer Italian restaurant chains, but you can bake it at home on cold, wet nights when you don’t feel like getting out. I will always keep one in my freezer-it’s that good! Serve with a salad and garlic bread to fill up your family, otherwise, bake two to feed a family of four +.

  9. Elizabeth J

    The best frozen lasagna (it doesn’t even taste like it’s previously frozen). I set it out in the morning to thaw so it cuts down on cooking time. So easy and so delicious!!

  10. Harry Howarth

    super average… way worse than Stouffers

  11. Erin

    Generous portions for a two-person meal, and it tastes great. (I accompanied it with two Southwestern Chopped Salad “kits,” which worked out really well for a last-minute meal I needed to put together quickly.) I’m definitely buying it again.

  12. R Davis

    The size is perfect. Most lasagnas are too big for 2;people. Loved the taste too!!

  13. Patty S

    This is the best lasagna I have eaten in years. Perfectly balanced sauce, perfectly distributed beef and pork, and perfect cheeses inside and out. I love that it crisps on the top for five minutes after taking off the cellophane. I am drooling while writing this!

  14. John perkins

    Hands down best frozen lasagna anywhere and truthfully better than many in restaurant ones. I dress it up with a little oil oil and parm and even fresh basil to make it even better. Pair that with a traders joes italian red like a bottle of 1967, add a small salad and you have an incredibly delicious meal and at a great value too. Just really good. One package can serve 2-3 and for a family best to get 2. The best!

  15. Mike M

    Best frozen lasagna I have had. Cooked in a conventional oven and I have to think that’s better than microwave, even though it takes over an hour. Enough for 3 or even 4 if you have something with it like meatballs or sausage & peppers and veggie.
    One problem – has been out of stock for weeks at my TJ’s and don’t know when (if) it will be back.
    PS: I’ve had Rao’s and Stouffer’s and they are not nearly as good.

  16. Anonymous

    Surprisingly good, it did not taste frozen at all. I used the oven, takes an hour but well worth it.

  17. travelbymo

    This tastes as good as any homemade I have ever had. Oven cooking for sure and another hit from my favorite store.

  18. Johannes Knoops

    Oven bake for sure…
    And as good as mom’s!

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