Trader Joe’s Thyme Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Thyme Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette Reviews

  1. Wes

    I bought this dressing out of curiosity, as it sounded interesting/unique — pleased to report that I really enjoy it. It’s much more subtle than you would think. I expected it to taste very strongly herbal or sticky sweet like honey. I’m happy that it’s actually a more paired down taste, almost like a more flavorful olive oil. I will definitely continue to use it and maybe even buy it again.

  2. Stewart

    This tastes great — perfect amount of flavor; adds to a salad but not so strong that it overpowers it.

    One note: it requires refrigeration after opening, but after I did so, it ‘froze’ into a solid material (looked like some of the ingredients were ‘separating’ from the oil if that makes sense). After leaving it out for about an hour it went back to more of a liquid.

  3. Renee

    I love it. Drizzled over spring salad with butter lettuce, asparagus, blueberries, Cara Cara orange wedges, and a little gorgonzola and crumbled bacon. The sweetness of the honey was a perfect complement. Keep in mind there really isn’t much thyme flavor, if any. The honey used is from bees that feed on thyme blossoms exclusively. There is no added thyme.

  4. Melanie Pezall

    It is absolutely delicious! Why does it say to refrigerate??
    Can’t use it when it’s cold! It’s like trying to get ketchup out of the d*&n bottle!

  5. Garst

    one of the best dressings I’ve ever had! like someone else mentioned, it freezes solid in the fridge. I thought it was just me and my fridge at first but no matter what temp I set the fridge to, it just kept freezing up. Run the bottle under hot water for like 30 seconds and it goes back to normal, unfreezes quickly!

  6. Kelly

    I love this product! I use it as my main salad dressing, and I’m so sad that it’s discontinued! The staff at my local TJ said to look online to order it and Amazon says it’s unavailable. Darn, I hope they bring it back.

  7. Julia Kirwan

    Please bring it back! We love this dressing!

  8. Tracy Ann

    Why do you not carry this amazing product

  9. Candy Mak

    Please bring it back. It was the only salad dressing Trader Joe’s sold without garlic and I can’t eat garlic That is why I have to go to another store to buy my dressing .The dressing was great!

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