Trader Joe’s Peruvian Bay Scallops Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Peruvian Bay Scallops Reviews

  1. Janice Roman

    They had no taste

  2. Jill

    Made the bowl recipe on the back of the package. It was excellent!

  3. Bobak Patel

    These are terrible. I had hope they would be okay. There is so much water or whatever solution they use they end up being less than 1/2 the size. And you can’t get the water out therefore cannot get a good sear on them when cooking. The taste was so bland. ended up throwing the rest out

  4. Eric

    Best scallops ive ever had. WAY larger than a normal bay scallop. Its about 1/2 the size of a sea scallop. It was so sweet and tender and mine ended up being exactly the same size after cooking. I did not sear them I cooked them slowly in a shrimp with lobster sauce.

  5. Michael Stanek

    We love the Peruvian scallops from Trader Joe’s but have not been able to find them there in quite awhile. They’re a smaller scallop but that’s to be expected as they’re a bay scallop. We look forward to them being back in stock.

  6. Cecilia

    Defrosted them overnight in the fridge and they were delicious. Tender, flavorful. Very large compared to most bay scallops I have seen.

  7. WmB

    Can’t wait for these to be back in stock. They were the best bay scallops I’ve ever purchased. As other reviewers have noted, they’re smaller than sea scallops but significantly larger than most bay scallops. The taste was sweet and delicate, just like diver boat scallops. The price was great, too.

  8. Harvey

    These scallops are so great; just cook them in a frying pan in unsalted butter. The can be bland if you don’t cook them right.
    What sucks is TJ never stocks them anymore have not seen them for over a year maybe.

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