Trader Joe’s Organic Ground Chicken Reviews

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Contains up to 1% solution of buffered organic vinegar, organic sunflower oil, and organic rosemary extract. Chicken raised with all vegetarian feed, free range, and with no antibiotics, no added hormones

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Ground Chicken Reviews

  1. Vicky

    Not good, smells like rubber.

  2. dommy

    made chicken meatballs in homemade sauce from trader joes cans of peeled tomatoes… came out great. 2 cans of Manzano tomatoes 5 table spoons butter with a full onion cut in half… simmer the sauce for an hour or more… crush the tomatoes as you stir over the hour… can add some parm… then make meatballs with the chicken… heat the 12 meatballs in the airfryer or oven for like 5 minutes to keep it together then dump in the sauce another hour… it’s amazing

  3. Him

    Great meat with organic seasonings.

  4. Kam

    Bought some today for a dish I make regularly (usually get my meat elsewhere), and the meat just had a weird, funky, and unnatural after taste. Pretty ruined the meal.

  5. Sarah

    This ground chicken is awful. Smells and tastes like wet dog. Stick with Marys Chicken or even Cooks Venture pasture raised chicken.

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