Trader Joe’s Beef-less Ground Beef Reviews

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Refrigerated beefless ground beef.

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Beef-less Ground Beef Reviews

  1. Debra

    EXCELLENT. This is the best Vegan beef I have ever had. And I have had them all. Taste and texture like ground beef.

  2. Jessica

    Wow. This was surprisingly better than I thought it would be/remember. I figured in a time of Impossible and Beyond that a tvp bag would be super gross. Nope! Ended up mixing this with taco flavoring and making tacos with it. Had a slightly rubbery texture but not that bad and definitely no gristle bits! Much cheaper than other crumbles too!

  3. Esther Smith

    Wow! Trader Joe’s beefless ground beef was amazing! I’m not even a vegan neither is my husband but, we ate this for the first time. We made spaghetti with it and you couldn’t even tell that it was meatless. I will definitely buy more and more of this and try it with other things such as tacos or perhaps burritos but, again it was simply Deelishis. Thank you

  4. Hannah

    Love this product! Makes great taco “meat”.

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