Trader Joe’s Organic Italian Orecchiette Pasta Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Italian Orecchiette Pasta Reviews

  1. Judy Maynard

    Hard to cook to correct consistency. It goes from under cooked to gummy without a “cooked correctly” in between. Does not keep well once it is cooked. I will not buy this again.

  2. Karen LaRocca-Fels

    I was disappointed with this pasta. I bought two packages. The first was underdone at the high end of cooktime. The second completely fell apart.

  3. breadandbits

    This is like it was made by someone who never actually had pasta, and only ever saw it in the movies. I like variety, but this is not even adjacent to the box of things I call pasta.

  4. Sydney

    Completely fell apart in the cooking process.

  5. Charles

    This is the worst pasta I ever bought. Much of the pasta was already broken and after cooking to al dente texture, the result was a gummy mess. Totally unappealing. I frequent Trader Joe’s and generally like most items I purchase there. This pasta product, however, is the exception.

  6. Amanda

    The reviews are true! This pasta is truly bizarre. Cooked it to the minimum recommended temperature and used pesto as my sauce. Immediately I knew something was going gg – the texture was both gummy and undercooked, but the flavor of the pasta itself was really weird. Sad I wasted good pesto on this!

  7. CGM

    Though the cooking directions are way off (I go 17-18 minutes with mine), I love these thick and chewy noodles. I’ve used them in a couple of soups, vegan haluski, and with a buttery sauce, and I was very pleased. I was shocked to see they’ve gotten low reviews overall– I even bought my sister a pack because she lives in the sticks and has to try them.

  8. Jessica

    Add me to the list of people where this pasta totally fell apart! It just started cracking and disintigrating into tiny pieces while it cooked!

  9. Zara

    This is not pasta, as previous reviewers have mentioned it is impossible to cook them to the correct consistency of pasta. If they are Al dente in the center, they are mush on the edges, and if they are Al dente on the edges they are crunchy on the center. I don’t think these are actually made with durum semolina, they appear to be made with regular wheat flour.

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