Trader Joe’s Pasta Medley Reviews

(6 customer reviews)

6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pasta Medley Reviews

  1. Crystal Ferrell

    This back at Trader Joes omg i miss this pasta

  2. Nhi

    Yes please bring this back!!! Its been years since they discontinued this pasta and im still craving i! :(. If they bring it back, it would be the best thing for 2020. This pasta was literally my childhood.

  3. Eden Toothman

    Please!!! Bring this back!

  4. Anonymous

    MISS THIS – tastes like my 20s

  5. Angela Hensley

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!! ONE OF THE ALL-TIME BEST FROZEN DINNERS EVER SOLD BY TJ…WHY was it discontinued? I’ve tried other similar dinners, but never could get that TJ taste that’s in Pasta Medley. If not being sold, can we at least get the recipe of the base?

  6. Mary Owens

    THIS WAS LITERALLY MY CHILD HOOD!!!! i had this everyday after school and my mom would put meatballs in it , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!!!!!! I would buy so many bags

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