Trader Joe’s Olive & Basil Pesto Sauce Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Olive & Basil Pesto Sauce Reviews

  1. Tracey Peterson

    Got to try on a sample. Ended up buying all she was handing out. I bought a bagette and smoked turkey and a jar of this. Cut the bread and then spread with mix, added a shred of smoked turkey to the top. Me and my husband LOVED it. I wished I would of bought 1 or 2 more jars.

  2. Tim Dee

    I served it on Bruschetta and had rave reviews. This product is sublime.
    I’ll try it on pizza next

  3. Singular

    This stuff was underwhelming for me. The flavor is lacking, and the olives are in little chunks instead of being finely ground, so the texture is a bit off-putting. It *might* be good in a pasta salad, but as far as regular pasta goes, this is a thumbs down.

  4. Anonymous

    Chopped, green olives definitely dominate over the basil. I didn’t use the entire serving (1/4 cup) on the pasta since it is salty, but in a good way from the olives. Not as salty, greasy, and less parmesan flavor than regular pesto. I like it better than regular pesto.

  5. trader gal

    I like this product as an olive-basil spread, not as a pesto substitute. It is great in sandwiches or on ricotta toast, but I do not find it as versatile as normal pesto. I am a huge pesto and olive lover so I personally love this product, but it is certainly olive-forward with a subtle hint of pesto.

  6. Diana Rosario

    This was so so bad! It ruin my ravioli diner. No one could it this. Its more of a cooke spread. Super disppointed. I want to put -5 stars on this

  7. JustMe

    Disgusting! 20 years shopping at trader joes, I find myself for the first time writing g a review.
    Negative -5 starss
    My recommendation it’ spreads a God awful flavor in everything it touches.
    I’ve been sitting for the past 15 min still wondering why, just why……. it’s good just for a cracker or bread spread but still not good.

  8. Sara Acevedo

    Absolutely delicious. Sorta tapenade-ish. Threw in some Rotini with the sauce – Mama Nona would be proud!

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