Trader Joe’s Pesto Rosso Reviews

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Tomato basil pesto sauce with parmesan cheese and cashews.

6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pesto Rosso Reviews

  1. Delbert Cole

    Absolutely love it . Very smooth flavor great on a bagel with cream cheese. Would highly recommend for anything.

  2. Anonymous

    Be careful fellow vegans/vegetarians. There is an animal bi-product in this. 🙁 What a waste of beautiful mushrooms, asparagus, artichokes and pasta. SHAME ON YOU TJ’s.

  3. Anonymous

    Is the sauce Gluten Free? This is my only question. Other than that the sauce is pretty good.

  4. Anonymous

    Same question. Is it GF? Can’t rate it or buy it without that info

  5. tess kacey

    I’m absolutely infuriated with some of these reviews. Never did it say it was vegan/vegetarian and if the sauce doesn’t say gluten free use your lazy butts to check the ingredients yourself or ask for a list for GF at the desk. i got one! anywho, the pesto rosso is my FAVORITE produce of all the Tj’s items. I been a long term costumer of tj and i can proudly say this is by far one of their best items. it’s so underrated too it’s upsetting!! i hope demo can give it some promo.

  6. Amy S

    Tastes like tomato paste with a bunch of salt. Not a hint of basil, parm or cashews. But.. it does give a kick to an otherwise boring pasta or risotto dish.

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