Trader Joe’s Mee Krob Thai Rice Noodle Snacks Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

Crispy, sweet, tart, and savory “snackers.”


12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mee Krob Thai Rice Noodle Snacks Reviews

  1. Negin

    Delicious but I think the ingredients are not accurate. It DEFINITELY takes like it has lemongrass but it’s not listed in the ingredients. Not good for people who have potential allergies if all ingredients aren’t listed.

  2. Callee

    The closest thing to actual Thai Mee Krob noodles in a snack form. They are made in Thailand, so they are certainly authentic. They have a tomatoey, tamarind taste and there are cashews for added crunch. One bag only serves 3, but it can easily be enjoyed by one!

  3. Katy Bluebeary

    Delicious!! Savory and sweet and perfect. Delivers the flavor and crunch! Hope they keep making these!

  4. Eve Ben-Ora

    Love this one! Please bring it back. I am addicted.

  5. Celeste

    when will it be back…it was a tease to have something so good for only one visit. Similarly, ginger jam and discontinued mango chutney.

  6. Sunflower Love

    BEST SNACKS IVE EVER HAD!!! I look for them wvery time! Please bring them back, I dream of these, when will they be back? Please update us! Love you Trader Joe’s! ♥️

  7. Anonymous

    ehhh…crunch was kinda stale, maybe b/c of the sugar. flava was alright. definitely sweet and tart. more sweet than tart. Savory would be the third in terms of prominence. i prefer the crunchy seaweed snack. If you like the sweet, tart, and savory thai flavors, then you might like this.

  8. Mara Gee

    Just bought a bag today and love this snack. The flavors are amazing I wish they came in a bigger bag!!

  9. Anonymous

    I literally tried it it out then drive back to Trader Joe’s the next day and bought 5 bags. I’m addicted. This snack was made for me!

  10. liuliu

    These are so delicious full of delicious flavors so addicting I went back to buy 5 more bags please don’t stop making these!

  11. puddytat

    IT IS FANTASTIC! And, of course, after buying my first bag and going back for more, I find it is “Out Of Season”. Baloney. Why doesn’t TJ’s keep making the stuff that people love. Instead of calling them “seasonal” and putting them out to pasture.

  12. adam

    so good, gives that authentic thai flavor. You can tell they are made there

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