Trader Joe’s Crispy Thai Chilies & Sesame Seeds Reviews

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A crispy, savory, spicy Thai snack.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crispy Thai Chilies & Sesame Seeds Reviews

  1. Violet Smith

    If you like spicy with a light “crunch” and inclined to peanut flavored bent from the sesame seeds, than this is for you. Less greasy than potato chips, gluten free, these will add visual and flavorful flair to any salad or savory dish of your whim, they’d be good on popcorn, or as a topping to any sauce. Or you can eat them straight up, but be forewarned, the spicy effect has a lasting finish. I’d say they are moderately spicy. If you love spicy food, you’ll enjoy these. Recommendations, add your own freshly fried garlic/onions/sage and definitely add your own salt and/or msg—then you’ll take them up to addictive.

  2. Jimmy

    I was a little surprised at first because ive never eaten a snack like this. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. I ended up enjoying this snack very much. I’ve also been having constipation and this “cleaned” me out”

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