Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches Reviews

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Crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes, chick peas, chaat masala, and tamarind chutney.

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches Reviews

  1. Susan

    YUM! Like an Indian verison of a “Hot Pocket”, but better. Just a bit dry. Full review here:

  2. Bobby

    Full of flavor, but quite spicy. Maybe too spicy for some people. Be warned: This is not for the faint of stomach!

    Best enjoyed by microwaving part of the way using the enclosed crisping pouch, then baking/toasting it in a toaster oven the rest of the way to crisp it up.

  3. Gary

    This is a very nice and tasty snack. Fairly true to form on aloo chaat, in terms of spiciness and taste. Those “crisping sleeves” don’t seem to do very much and I’m a little concerned about the semi-metallic coating. Maybe a different technique can be devised. Overall, a little pricey given that you get just 2, but… I enjoy it. Definitely good with some salsa or hot mango chutney!

  4. Gelato Jill

    I really enjoy these, and they make a great quick dinner. I am used to eating Indian and other spicy food and my tolerance for spice is high, but I still find that these have a little kick.

  5. Casie

    Very authentic taste – delicious!

  6. Rosa Di

    These are tasty but SPICY. I wish there was some indication of spice level on the package because I was not able to eat them.

  7. Diana Ramsingh

    These were amazing. I really enjoyed and the spice level just right.

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