Trader Joe’s Enchanted Jangle Reviews

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Featuring lemon-yogurt-coated animal-shaped cookies, chocolate-coated pretzel nuggets, strawberry-yogurt-coated marshmallows, sweet, pink-and-orange-swirled confectionary chips, and savory, salted waffle pretzels.


1 review for Trader Joe’s Enchanted Jangle Reviews

  1. Wester

    The strawberry yogurt/nonpareil covered mini marshmallows in this are SOOO good! I could eat those by the handful, and I was addicted as soon as I came across the first one, digging through the rest like a needle in a haystack attempt lol. I mean, there were a decent amount not that few, but still, I would’ve been down to have a whole bag of those specifically haha. My second favorite were the fruit confectionary chips as they call them (ie: the ones that look like pink chocolate chips). I found the lemon yogurt covered Mothers Cookie wannabe ones kind of boring. Not bad, but not exciting. The chocolate covered pretzel nuggets were decent, but to me not as good as TJ’s regular chocolate covered pretzels. I felt that the regular pretzels in here were unnecessary and detracted fro the rest. Too big to just add a little salty contrast, and that was already there with the chocolate covered ones anyway.

    Overall though a fun pretty enjoyable mix, and absolute five star when it comes to the strawberry yogurt nonpareil covered mini marshmallows!

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