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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle Reviews

  1. Jackson S.

    I would recommend this for bringing to share with a group gathering (assuming you’re all vaccinated! Lol), or to the workplace, etc. It’s fun to have some of, and it’s a good mix of different items in there. However, for eating too much of yourself at one time, it gets overwhelming fast, or did to me at least.

    The chocolate coating everything doesn’t taste the highest quality to me, and it’s very thick. I wish the layer of chocolate around like the cookie pieces and popcorn was a little bit thinner. The peanut butter cups are also the tiniest I’ve ever seen, haha. Would love for those to be bigger than like, a tictac lol.

    Overall still a fun thing to try, but just not worth having round for just one person.

  2. Keri Wilson

    If you really like chocolate – and really, really like dark chocolate, Jingle Jangle is for you!! I didn’t realize when I bought it, how much dark chocolate there was. EVERYTHING is coated in chocolate, and more dark than milk – so I think I may mix it with regular chex mix, or salted popcorn, or nuts (not chocolate coated) and regular pretzels to stretch it and also offer a more salty/sweet experience.

  3. James Croation

    ight imma keep it a bean. this really do be THAT. i get lasered and starting merkin half the tin before I realize. girl goes to trader joes regularly tho so i stay stocked.

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