Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle Pretzel Twists Reviews

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Large pretzel twists covered in peanut butter candy coating, candy coated dark chocolate gems, and Joe-Joe’s cookie pieces.

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle Pretzel Twists Reviews

  1. stephanie

    this is not a very good candy covered pretzel. the pretzels are covered in a peanut butter coating that tastes like a very light candied peanut butter coating, and then covered in M&M style candies and crushed oreo style cookies. the candies and oreos were mostly falling off our pretzels. The flavor combination was not stunning together. We had sampled it thinking to give away as a food Christmas gift. Do not recommend.

  2. tjsreviews

    I totally agree with the previous reviewer! This looked really good to me – I love TradeR Joe’s chocolate covered pretzels, and I figured what’s not to like about adding peanut butter M&M-wannabes and cookie pieces to the mix. (Granted, Joe Joes are inferior to real oreos in my opinion, but in this case they’re not the central focus.) I wasn’t impressed with the results though. I barely get any peanut butter flavor, everything basically falls off the pretzel as you’re even trying to pick it up, and the chocolate in general doesn’t taste very rich. I’m not even a chocolate snob – I love plain Hershey’s chocolate so it’s not like I’m expecting anything fancy here lol. But this wasn’t anywhere near as good as even the plain chocolate covered pretzels that TJ’s sells, unfortunately.

  3. Expert Snack Rater

    Solid snack. If I were looking for a new snack that was good, I would get this.

  4. Kentucky Gentleman

    Tasted great! How could it not, with pretzel, peanut, and chocolate all heartily present. Only drawback for me was it looked like something a reindeer defecated after a long Christmas Eve.

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