Trader Joe’s Next to Godliness Cleaning Spray Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Next to Godliness Cleaning Spray Reviews

  1. Wes

    I was pleasantly surprised by this cleaner spray. I normally use Method, which is supposedly also derived from natural materials (though not nearly as wholesome as this spray), and I’m sometimes doubtful of cleaning supplies that are almost entirely natural, as much as I would prefer those for health and environment reasons.

    Happy to report that this actually does a great job, and is a great price! A Method bottle is at least 30% more for a far smaller bottle. This gives you a lot of bang for your buck, and is actually effective. I can also rest easier knowing that it’s safer/more eco-friendly and “green” (literally!) than most cleaning products.

  2. Drea

    I love this cleaner! I use it all over my kitchen and it works great on the stove and the countertops. It last a good amount of time as well.

  3. Tom Fedasz

    Used it to disinfect outer body casing of iPhones with no discoloration.
    Spray “very lightly” on microfiber cloth and clean exterior.
    (Do not use on IPhone screen it will take some of the oleophobic screen protector.)

  4. Cheryl Meril

    TJ’s has apparently allowed the newer generation of Millennials preference by influencing stripping its highly successful Next To Godliness products to that of godless that were absolutely the best. The newest generation of TJ’s multi-purpose cleaner has not only been been stripped of it’s former name, but its key ingredient grain alcohol! As a seven year customer of this wonderful product I tested the two formulas together and denoted severe degeneration in the newer formula.

    Not only does godless streak but the product LIES that it cuts through grease! I tested this redone product and it is no longer Next to Godliness figuratively. This product now smudges and no longer gets things clean fast, needing more elbow grease and time that’s harder on the older folks like me.

    Shame on the Millennials for complaining about the Next To Godliness products to Trader Joe’s for political correctness wanting to influence everything to adhere to their ignorant lives making everything more difficult for the boomer generation who have enjoyed this product for since it’s inception.

    The latest version of the multi purpose cleaner is a waste of money, might as well go back to white vinegar and water because it smudges causing more elbow grease.

  5. SR Stewart

    I shop primarily Trader Joe products, and I have been something of a “fan” of the store for years now. However, the change made in the Multi-purpose Cedarwood & Sage cleaner is disappointing. Not only is the re-naming regrettable (going from “Next to Godliness Multipurpose Cleaner” to just “Multipurpose Cleaner” as a previous reviewer mentioned), but the list of ingredients on the new cleaner seems clearly inferior. The old cleaner listed the essential oils as the second ingredient to water, and the new cleaner reads like a chemistry lab. Disappointing, Trader Joe’s. You can do better, both in terms of marketing and product quality.

  6. Marie Schroth

    Like others before me, I loved the “old” version of Trader Joe’s Next to Godliness Cleaning Spray. Sadly, I grabbed my usual six bottles to distribute around my home in bathrooms, kitchen, side porch and basement only to discover that more had changed besides the clear color! (I loved that mint green look.) Anyway, never again will I purchase this product. It leaves a significant residue on everything and smears. Poor substitute for what it was. Don’t fix what isn’t broken!

  7. terri juneman

    Marie Schroth could have written my review.
    Started using the new cleaner ignorantly thinking it was the same as the ‘next to godliness ‘. I haven’t been able to figure out why i cant get the grease off of the stove top, patio table or microwave. Could have blown me away when i noticed its not just the green cleaner without color but a different formulas. I will not be buying this again, it leaves everything greasy. I am so bummed as i have loved and used the old product for over a decade.
    It Worked on everything including granite and stainless. Please consider bringing Next to godliness back TJ.

  8. Adrienne Brown

    New compound of the Clary Sage and cedarwood compound is changed and not for the better. Please return to the original formula which did not have the lab experiment formula. Is there a half-star rating?

  9. Catherine

    Disappointing change in formula defeats the purpose of my going out of my way to buy this particularly wonderful product which doesn’t exist any longer.
    Please bring back the old formula for Next to Godliness . Please.

  10. Shirley

    Echoing other comments!
    I, too, live 400 miles from my nearest TJs so each trip is a stock up trip.
    I bought 10 bottles of the new cleaner, I was a dedicated user of Next to godliness BTW, and the new spray is total crap.
    It streaks, runs, does to remove fingerprints, is worthless on S/S.
    How do we get the old formula back?

  11. Laurie

    This stuff is pointless without the grain alcohol! We’re in the middle of a freaking pandemic, so you guys thought it was a good idea to take out the disinfectant??????

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