Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Liquid Dish Soap Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Liquid Dish Soap Reviews

  1. tjsreviews

    I bought this Trader Joe’s dish soap in a pinch, and surprisingly, this stuff gets the job done. I’m usually wary of buying any “natural” cleaning supplies (and clearly I consider everything at TJ’s natural…), but this dish soap was totally solid performance-wise.

  2. aisha ali

    I have been using TJ’s Mandarin Orange Liquid Dish soap exclusivly since it was first available and I loved it. Now it has been replaced with something that states it has a “citrus” scent and is colorless, which was good, except that once I began using it I realized that the scent reminded me of the disinfectants they use in public toilets. It even permeates my plastic water bottle tops so that I sniff that obnoxious odor when I drink from my glass water bottles. Today I read that someone had complained about the use of color in the Mandarin Orange dish soap and I wonder if she didn’t start the trouble that caused them to remove it from their stores. I miss the original and will never buy the new version again. That also goes for the smell of the cedar and sage multi cleaner that caused my house keeper to purchase her own products and bring them to my house because she didn’t like it’s scent. Where can I buy more of the Mandarin Orange version?

  3. Tanya

    I didn’t like this soap didn’t suds enough for me and it went really fast

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