Trader Joe’s Botanical Bounty Foaming Hand Soap Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Botanical Bounty Foaming Hand Soap Reviews

  1. Katsy

    This is truly the worst smelling hand soap I have ever experienced. Reading the ingredients, one would expect a nice, herbal blend of lavender and chamomile. Nope. This stuff smells like the industrial, fake floral scented stuff they use on the floors of gas station bathrooms. This is a fail TJs. Make a plain lavender herbal scent and I’ll but your hand soap forever. But this didn’t even go in the guest bathroom. This went down the drain.

  2. Stewart

    I have to agree with the other reviewer that mentioned the smell of this one not being the greatest. I didn’t throw it away or anything, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Also, it seemed to be used up way too quickly (though that’s the case with many foam soaps).

  3. KT

    I love this hand soap. It doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky or dry – just clean. The natural ingredients are awesome. I love the scent too. It’s a nice floral scent that isn’t too overpowering and doesn’t linger on your hands too long, which is great, because I’m pretty sensitive to smells. I was surprised to find that this foaming soap lasts longer than other foaming soaps I’ve used, and just as long as some regular, non-foaming moisturizing soaps I’ve purchased at boutique stores. Sadly, I couldn’t find it last time I was at TJ’s. I hope it’s not discontinued!

  4. michele boykin

    I think it smells so fresh and unique. Have never had a problem with the foaming or suds-ing. Leaves hand soft and clean. I am sensitive to scents too but Light, Fresh and Clean is the best way to describe the fragrance of this hand soap. Hope they keep making it!

  5. j.

    I love this hand soap! I’d drive 63 miles to get it! 🙂

    But what I want to know…. ???

    I CANNOT believe they are no longer selling the Melatonin 500 mg 100 chewable tablets! Are you kidding me? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THAT BACK!!!!

  6. Robin Latimer

    I love it also, it’s my favorite hand soap and the only one that I will use. But it’s getting harder and harder to find it. I was wondering if it’s being discontinued. I hope not, because I too would drive miles and miles to get it.

  7. Julie Swanson

    Love the smell and love how my hands feel after using it.

  8. Kristen Coe

    I love TJ products but this caused severe drying on my knuckles and my boyfriend’s as well. They became so dry and cracked that I was actually bleeding in the cracks and at first I did not understand what was causing it (it went on for weeks). I added up the timelines and realized it began not too long after I started using this. I bought new hand soap from a different brand and my knuckles immediately began to get better. I’ve used a different TJ soap before and did not have that issue, so I guess this is just an unfortunate soap alone.

  9. Charissa

    I grabbed a bottle of this on a whim. Holy moly was that a great call. Softly foamy bubbles, rinses fast and the SCENT! I can’t rave enough. Think freshly cut tomato plants in a warm summer garden with lavender and thyme growing nearby. I’m hooked!

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