Trader Joe’s Beef Shepherd’s Pie Reviews

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With gravy, vegetables, and mashed potatoes.


12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Beef Shepherd’s Pie Reviews

  1. Elizabeth W.

    The photo is always misleading but especially with this one. I did like the flavor of the potatoes and there was certainly a lot of food there, but VERY little veggies. It was mostly meat and potatoes. The meat was fine. I actually might do this again but I’d make some additional vegetables to serve with it.

  2. mike o

    Picture looked great… worst thing we ever bought at TJ… Potatoes tasted like glue, meat looked like dog food, tasted like real cheap beef… vegetables??? STAY AWAY from this garbage.. TJ’s needs to relook this item and dump it… usually everything has been great… this is a never agian….

  3. Mary Richard

    Very bland and yet strange tasting at the same time. The meat is unpleasant. Stay away.

  4. Tim

    awful, just threw mine away , they should be ashamed

  5. Stephanie

    I am apparently an anomaly! My husband and I liked this dish, and I actually recommended it to a friend. I agree that more veggies would definitely improve the dish.

  6. kiwihc

    Most horrible pie I’ve ever had. Very bland and only adding ketchup made it passable to eat. TJ how about refunding those who have bought it?

  7. James Doolittle

    Nasty watery tasteless potato. Beef was good so we’re the veg. Do not buy

  8. Anonymous

    No herbs or any sort of crust to the top. Beef was uninteresting and basically pot roast. Vegetables barely exist. Lacked salt. Potatoes so watery they sort of melded into the meat as a white meat slop. Hard to say just how disappointing this was as a Shepard’s pie, and that’s at $5. I usually like Trader Joe’s stuff – their steak and ale pie they had a few months ago was pretty good.

  9. robert allen nordin

    A waste of money for this dish. It is 95% mashed potatoes. I found it difficult to find anything else but the potatoes.

  10. sam

    I have never bought anything “food wise” from Trader Joes. Usually, I go in there for their frozen fruit bags because they’re so cheap. The other day, I thought, I’ll buy a bit of their food. This “pie” was just awful. It has no flavor. HOW do you remove ALL flavor from ALL the ingredients? Is there a special machine that deflavorizes all the ingredients?

    Just don’t waste your money and NEVER buy this.

  11. Andy

    I am shocked that Trader Joe’s is selling this product so I don’t think their ‘buyers’ are aware they are being badly ripped off.
    I have the same complaints as most others: it is almost nothing but mashed potatoes and looks absolutely nothing like the picture on the box. I will go to their website and be sure they are aware of this sickening nightmare…after I vomit (and i am not kidding it is that bad)

  12. Andy Clark

    I tried to edit my comment and couldn’t so I am adding this note. I went to the website and contacted them about this. I linked these reviews. IMO the product is so horrible it should be immediately recalled and billed back to the vendor who has been stealing from Trader Joe and its customers for a long time. I also think Trader Joe should be getting automated alerts of products that get this type of review so they can deal with it sooner .

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