Trader Joe’s Fully Baked Chicken Pot Pie Reviews

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29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fully Baked Chicken Pot Pie Reviews

  1. Sabrina

    Our family tried the Chicken Pot Pie and it was very good.

  2. Krista L Pendino

    This was awsome! Cooked in 25 minutes. So easy to make for my family even after working a 10 hour day. And it looked and tasted homeade. My husband, 12 year old and 2 year old all loved it! I did buy two because my family can eat. Plus I was able to take left overs to work.

  3. Barbara Hollowed

    Buttery crust, big pieces of chicken, nice fresh veggies with a creamy flavorful sauce.

  4. Kate Camp

    Sorry–not nearly as good as the previous version. A slab of crust, not very tender; chicken was tough and tasteless. Disappointed in this new version–loved the previous one!

  5. max malloy

    my wife bought chicken pot pie and heated via microwave. the crust was impossible to cut, even with a bread knife. the old version was a lot better. the ingredients was the same as the old version, but the crust was a disaster.

  6. Sue b

    Why o why did they change the crust?.. Used to be so good but now is blah.Bring back the crispy puffy buttery crust

  7. nine sherlee

    they changed the recipe and it’s not NEARLY as good as the original. Much less chicken, and crust not nearly as flaky. Used to go to TJ’s just to purchase their fresh pot pie. Won’t bother now. Another corporate “cheap out”

  8. Marissa

    Terrible. The filling was almost foam like and there was no flavor- it needed salt and pepper. Will not purchase again.

  9. Suzanne Benson

    Loved the “original” version! Bring back flacky crust. And flavor. Will NOT buy again!

  10. Suzanne Benson

    Also three huge slice of potatoe raw!!

  11. Robin

    My husband, who eats everything, was very excited about this. But while it was cooking (we followed the instructions to bake in the oven) there was an odd odor that didn’t smell like chicken, smelled more like rotten fish. When it was done, we dished up and he took one bite and for the first time ever had to spit it out. He never spits out his food, and usually powers through anything, but he gagged immediately. I didn’t even bother to try it after seeing his reaction as I already was turned off by the odor. We had to dump it out and take it out to the garbage as it smelled up our house. The taste was one of the worst things we ever tasted. He described the flavor as what he would expect poop to taste like. The expiration date said 4/4, which is in 3 more days, so it wasn’t past expiration. Won’t buy again. Ruined our dinner for the night, had to scramble to make something else.

  12. Gabriella

    It tastes like poop it was completely inedible we had to make PB & J’s after our Family tried it. We were so disappointed and my dad ate the whole pie and we hope he doesn’t get sick and die.

  13. Tiffany Saito

    WHY did you mess with perfection?!?

    What the heck fugue state was behind the decision to take the BEST PART OF THE PIE OFF THE PIE?!?!

    I wanted to weep.

    And now there is too much chicken and it’s dry. One tiny piece of potatoe? Hardly any mushrooms?

    Major let down.

    You ruined my dinner.
    And this product.
    You should lower the price.
    This is now only worth $5.

  14. Maria

    We picked up a family favorite, Chicken pot pie for dinner and we were all so sad. I notice the package was different and it was a $1 cheaper but didn’t think they had actually changed anything. They replaced the buttery flakey crust with a doughy topper. The filling didn’t even come up half way. Such a disappointment!

  15. DW

    Filling tastes and smells like spoiled milk; very strange almost acidic bite. Yes it was properly refrigerated and yes it was well within the “use by” date. Also like others have mentioned, huge slices of RAW potatoes. How does this even make it to store shelves?

  16. DE Canon

    I didn’t realize that I was buying it from the refrigerated section and put it in the freezer when I got home. No way was this going to be heated in 25 min I thought. I was right. Stone cold. The problem is there is NOWHERE on the box that it says “cook from frozen” or if refrigerated/thawed. Most foods have instructions for these options or at least warn you not to freeze/thaw. It only states perishable keep“refrigerated. Duh. Please improve cooking instructions as most of us toss our meat items in the freezer with the exception of what’s for dinner that night. We don’t remember which case we retrieved it from.

  17. Ruth

    Terrible. Bad flavor, bad texture, no apparent top crust. Yuck. WAY below T Joe standards. Has anyone in Trader Joe management tasted this? Cheap supermarket versions far superior, hard as that might be to believe.
    Ghastly. You should take this off the market until you are able to make significant improvements. Giving it one star, I guess, because it did not make me ill.

  18. Anne Applegate

    This chicken pot pie with super disappointing I’m actually really disgusted by the fact that trader Joe’s has caved in to corporate greed and substituted this inferior box of crap for what was initially a great pie. It was also very disappointing to find that there is absolutely no instructions on the box regarding no freezing. It literally took forever to cook and I finally had to eat something else and disappoint my neighbor who am I invited to share my pie. it seems like more and more trader Joe’s has become greedy and has sold out their values for delivering a great product in favor of corporate greed super disappointed it’s actually despicable.

  19. Anne Applegate

    Okay… I’m actually going to do what probably doesn’t get done very often. I’m changing my review. Unbeknownst to me, my neighbor went back to trader Joe’s and got a second chicken pot pie….he loves them. I had just finished trying the first pie and I gave it a scathing review. It took way too long to cook and lacked a Do Not Freeze label…it did not meet my standards. But, I must say that the second pie that my neighbor brought home…the exact same kind of pie from trader Joe’s, was a completely different pie. The Crust was flaky and crispy…the sauce was absolutely divinely delicious and fresh. I must say I would be disappointed if I hadn’t tried the pie twice. I would not have known what deliciousness I was truly missing out on. I don’t know what was wrong with my first pie. Clearly something wasn’t right with it. It was frozen when I started and took too long to cook so I was already frustrated but this pie…this second pie was sheer perfection…so delicious so perfect in every way. I want to encourage anyone who gave it a bad review to try it again I think you’ll be glad you did. I was…simply yummy!!!

  20. Dan Streb

    Dreadful. And I usually love chicken pot pie. Big chunks of raw carrots and potatoes and little bits of chicken but overall the worst taste and smell. Definitely not up to Trader Joe standards.

  21. Fatty sauce

    Funny reading these reviews. I tried one and was pleasantly surprised. I usually throw out leftovers but I saved it and ate it again. And then I went back to the store and bought two more. One of the things I liked most was it wasn’t full ofFatty sauce

  22. T.O.

    I copied and pasted the message from DW above, as that was EXACTLY how I would describe it. Almost inedible! “Filling tastes and smells like spoiled milk; very strange almost acidic bite. Yes it was properly refrigerated and yes it was well within the “use by” date. Also like others have mentioned, huge slices of RAW potatoes. How does this even make it to store shelves?” I will not buy it again. The frozen ones at Walmart are better than that!

  23. Aaron Fischer

    Wow. I thought it was amazing. There was massive chunks of chicken and vegetables and not too much sauce which I prefer. The crust was crusty. It did take a long time to cook in the oven but who cares. Amazing. Delicious.

  24. Chuck Slay

    Apparently most of you can’t read that it says keep refrigerated and it was in the refrigerated section, not the frozen. I suspect if you did not use before the best by date or you froze it would be the reason that the pot pie was unpleasant. I’ve cooked mine within two days of purchasing and followed the instructions on the box. It was actually pretty good ! I added a little bit of celery salt and black pepper just for my own taste. But definitely not bad, especially with all of these one star and other terrible reviews. Follow the instructions and give it a try!

  25. Dustin

    Bad. And I’m pretty sure I have had it recently (this year) and it was better. Some are saying bad, some are saying changed recipe, others are saying it’s great. But I swear there has to be two different recipes or two different sources or something. My girlfriend and I have had this at least twice this year, and it was great. Would be the third time today and I decided to write my first review after searching online trying to see if anything changed. Still within sell by date, always refrigerated.

    But it tastes sour and it stinks. Neither of us could finish more than a few bites and were shocked by how bad it was. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy it again.

  26. Barbara

    I loved it! I thought it was great. I bought 2 more. I froze them, not sure if you can and then thaw them when ready to eat.
    We will see how that turns out when the time comes.

  27. Chris

    The crust is great, but there should be more of it. The sauce was like glue, really gummy and unappetizing. The potatoes seemed raw and flavorless. I was looking for a nice, quick, filling dinner. Not sure I’ll save the leftovers.

  28. C. Sinclair

    This review is for the chicken pie found in the refrigeratable section at trader Joe’s, Monrovia.
    For the first time now Ive had something from trader Joe’s that was truly bad. This chicken pie it’s terrible, so much that I couldn’t even finish my serving. First, to my surprise, the chicken was fatty, the sauce was gummy (weird texture), bad flavor and worst of all a foul smell that lingered in our kitchen for a while. Not recommended.

  29. P

    Disgusting, tastes like moldy cheese somehow despite there being none present. Followed instructions perfectly, wasn’t expired, and was the only Trader Joe’s meal that I couldn’t eat.

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