Trader Joe’s Turkey Pot Pie

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25 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey Pot Pie

  1. Cannmear

    The description sounds amazing & I couldn’t wait to try this comfort food. I was VERY disappointed. Crust was good but the pie was lacking turkey. It also had cranberries in it (which was not in the description) and it gave it a rather sour taste over all. Almost tasted bad. I like cranberries but this pot pie would be better without them.

  2. Sabrina Conti

    Our family tried the Turkey Pot Pie and my daughter declared that it tasted like barf! I excused her from the table for making such a comment and my husband and I tasted the pie. I had to spit it out because it did taste like barf! My husband swallowed one bite and is now worried that he may get sick. I don’t know what is wrong with this pie but it is the worst food I have ever tasted. Needs to be pulled from the shelf. Deserves -5 stars.

  3. Maggie B

    Yup. Accused my 17 year old son of being picky when he gave it the big thumbs down. Then, I had a few bites and YUCK! It is tasteless and overly sour. I, too, thought that it was bad and would get sick later with massive intestinal issues. Take this off the shelves TJ. Yucky!

  4. Anonymous

    Thought it was fantastic!!!!

  5. Chris k

    Tried it, my husband said he thought it tasted moldy it didn’t taste moldy to me but it tastes very tangy and acidic. Definitely does NOT need the Cranberries in there. The turkey looks like something you would find in cat or dog food I don’t like the texture it was not good. I won’t get it again.

  6. Chris k

    Forgot to leave my one star

  7. Sue b

    Love the chicken pot pie so bought this for a change…not good at all…flavor profile is all wrong. Also why has the pot pie crust been changed…used to be a big puffy crust now it is just like a soggy biscuit on top

  8. Mary B

    The package I bought had plenty of turkey, but it was so rubbery that it was inedible. I had to throw the meal away.

  9. Mac

    Mostly mush – some flavor. The crust was chewy not crisp. Not running down to TJs to get this again…..

  10. Janna O

    I’m glad I read these reviews because I really thought mine had gone bad and I was worried me and my toddler would get sick. It tastes like there is sauerkraut in it- possibly just the acid from the cranberries but it was so over powering with sour flavor, it’s disgusting.

  11. Jeannie Scott

    I was looking forward to this easy, traditional looking Thanksgiving meal. I was so disappointed. The crust tasted like one big saltine cracker. Not a great way at all to start. The pot pie itself was mushy and bland, with very little turkey. This meal left me wanting a real Thanksgiving dinner.

  12. Doreen

    Love this meal! It’s like thanksgiving but quick and easy. The turkey quality is the only thing that could be improved. The crust is perfectly crispy (I only cook it in the oven, I’d imagine it would be different in the microwave), the flavor is delicious and the carrots and cranberries are the perfect combo.

  13. Tony Adams

    I first ate the pie the week before Christmas in 2019. Like a lot of other reviewers I was unimpressed. Perhaps its the description which raises expectations way above the actuality. Nevertheless, when I went to TJ’s the week before Christmas in 2020 in order to buy the ginger brew, I decided to purchase the pot pie once again. This time I enjoyed it much more, so much more that this morning I decided to buy the pot pie a third time. Unfortunately, none were in stock.

  14. I thought it was delicious! I made some green vegetables to go along with it and cooked it for about 30 to 35 minutes.… A perfect and very simple meal!

    I thought it was delicious! I made some green vegetables to go along with it and cooked it for about 30 to 35 minutes.… A perfect and very simple meal!

  15. Lisa Kiley

    Horrible Horrible Horrible. Inedible. Yet another TJ meal going to the dogs. What crap. Yesterday I tried the chicken Marsala….barf. Straight to the dogs..lean Cuisine Marie Calleder even better than this sick prison food. Stay away!!!!!

  16. Rich Higgins

    Like many other reviews the Turkey pot pie was like eating mush, big disappointment.

  17. Ges Turner

    This is an absolutely glutinous, sour tasting piece of soggy garbage. Taking it back for a refund.

  18. Steve

    If you are not a picky eater you are gonna love it, atleast I did. It tasted how a pot pie should taste, the only negative is the fact that I didn’t seem to find much of the turkey lol.

  19. Bill

    The most terrible food product I’ve ever purchased from Trader Joe’s. Mushy, tasteless clump of crap. If there was turkey in this, which there wasn’t, it still would have been terrible. WHY would Trader Joe’s continue to sell a product with so many awful reviews?

  20. Mary

    We just had this meal this evening. The picture on the box made it look delicious so I tried it without reading the reviews. We ate it but it was like eating mush with no identifiable turkey. It seemed as if all the ingredients
    were puréed together. The crust was the best part of the entire meal. Still love Trader Joe’s but definitely not a good product to carry.

  21. Joy

    I decided to give the Turkey Pot Pie a try. I put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. The crust was so well cooked that I could not cut it, it was hard. And parts of the inside were cold. I put it back in the microwave to heat it up more and I was highly disappointed. I could not eat the crust, it was like rubber and the inside was just like mush and did not taste good at all. There was hardly any turkey and wasn’t really sure what I was eating when it was all one big glob of food. I was very surprised that Trader Joe would keep selling this as the reviews all sound pretty horrible. My stomach is acting up and I’m hoping I am not getting sick from this. Please do not buy this, it doesn’t look like the cover on the packaging. And sure does not have a pleasant taste. Just not worth it, I will be throwing the rest away in the garbage.

  22. Ken

    I’m upping my review from zero starts to one star because… the photo on the packaging looked so good.
    Not so the food inside. When there is far more sour cranberries than discernible turkey, your pot pie is off to a bad start.
    If someone told me this was a dessert pie and not a turkey pot pie, I would think “that makes sense.” I would also rate it a one star for a dessert pie, because it was so tart and so lacking in any discernible turkey or stuffing flavor.
    Just ew.

  23. henry

    yes this is very disappointing Overly sweet with all the cran raisins and everything else is a big mushada. Wheres the turkey?? Trader Joes should trade this one away and bring back the turkey stuffing potato chips they are much better

  24. Laila Choun

    This is the yuckiest food ever. The sour taste is too powerful, and that’s why I came here to look for the comments to prove that I’m not the only one. I think I’m about to get food poison from this too.

  25. Liz

    Agree completely with the above reviews. It was so vinegary that I thought it had gone bad and I would get sick from it. So grateful to know others had the experience. What a disappointment. Will throw the rest away.

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