Trader Joe’s Chicken Pot Pie Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Pot Pie Reviews

  1. Wes

    The package claim of the “rich golden crust” is not lying — the crust is perfect. Soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. The creamy flavors inside are excellent as well, and the veggies are fine.

    The only downside for me was the chicken. It was very grey and dry-tasting. I would have enjoyed it more if it were tender and less chewy.

    However, overall this was still really good. Be warned that, like most pot pies, it is not low calorie (around 800 calories total). But along with that you’ll get a very tasty, hearty meal and you can easily be full without finishing the whole thing.

  2. Mary R.

    I found it bland except for the strong sage flavor. Tastes like stuffing, not something I necessarily want in a pot pie. It would be better with less sage and more seasoning (such as onion, pepper, etc.)

  3. Shara

    I have actually never eaten as I don’t eat chicken much but my husband eats this about once every two weeks. He loves it!

  4. Mary Pierce

    The chicken pot pie contained one piece of chicken in each pie! A little ridiculous!

  5. Robin Bowyer

    Tried this over the weekend-needs to be eaten out of a bowl as gravy is fairly thin. Cut the crust with scissors-easier than trying to get a knife through. Chicken moist, veggies good.
    Hit that comfort food spot!

  6. Janice Waisman

    Very blend, not enough chicken, or vegetables. do not recommend. I like other Trader joes products. Don’t buy

  7. Eric Rogers

    Tried it twice. both times could not get the crust cooked correctly and the filling overflowed. The flavors are zesty, not spicy which I liked. The crust is NOT all around somewhat disappointing, since many times the fun part of a pot pie is the crust. Without the crust all around will not buy again, sorry trader joes.

  8. Austin Thom

    Honestly this was absolutely terrible. Cooked it properly in the oven because I figured it would be worth the wait, it wasn’t. Some filling overflowed (understandable) and the crust wasn’t necessarily perfect after an hour but these were minor issues. My wife and I tried it and we just couldn’t get over how absolutely BLAND the filling was. Added salt. Added pepper. Added onion powder. Added more salt. The filling of this chicken pot pie is a black hole where flavor goes to curl up and die. It is a vacuum which sucks up salt and spits back glue. It was just, so absolutely terrible. I am a sucker for chicken pot pie and figured TJs would make an awesome one. I wouldn’t wish this culinary abomination on my worst enemy. Avoid at all costs.

  9. Deb Couri

    Very peppery. Love pepper but it’s really the only noticeable flavor. Crust only on the top was also disappointing. Not a winner.

  10. Timmy T

    This is one of my favorite frozen food items. I usually buy 5 boxes of them each time I shop at Trader Joe’s. Imo it has just the right amount of creaminess, flavor and fillings. I do not find it bland, then again I do not use a lot of salt or spices in my food when I cook. It is a great portion for one person. ( for a petite 31 years old woman, I can eat the whole thing by myself and still feel a little peckish afterwards for something else) they have a balanced amount of ingredients inside, never too much or too less of each ingredient. It is creamy and not watery, the crust sitting on top of the pie is not too less or too much. I also use the oven, not the microwave so the crust will turn out crispy outside and soft inside. It comes out piping hot and I transfer it to a bowl to cool down for a few minutes. It has been truly a lifesaver during some of the busier days.

  11. Katie

    This was awful.
    The chicken tasted stale

    Dry and flavorless.
    The pastry was thick and clumsy.
    Stay away from this.

  12. Anonymous

    I have never done a review, and I absolutely love Trader Joes, but this truly was one of the most awful things I’ve bought ever. There was no flavor and may be too thin pieces of chicken that looked pink even after cooking it it was so awful I threw it away. I am only leaving a review because I definitely think you should look for an alternative recipe and try and make this work as it’s a popular for many.

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