Trader Joe’s Organic Balsamic & Fig Dressing Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Balsamic & Fig Dressing Reviews

  1. Katherine

    I wanted to like this, but it’s completely unpalatable, so much so that I wondered if it had gone bad. It’s genuinely awful.

  2. Debra wemple

    Was not good at all. Had to throw the salad away.

  3. Annie

    I love fig and balsamic together, so I bought a bottle a few weeks ago. After using it a couple of times, I strained it to get rid of tough bits of what I assume were bits of fig. I just bought a second bottle today, and poured some over leftover quinoa, and the quinoa, which was fine last night, had bits of grit, like fine sand, throughout.

  4. Bill

    I’m a big Trader Joe’s fan, but the Balsamic Fig dressing tastes bad, plain and simple. It is unbalanced and has an off-putting flavor, as Debra and Katherine mention above. Really unworthy of the brand name.

  5. Jo

    My all time FAVORITE Salad dressing. So delicious, I buy 4 bottles at a time so I don’t have to worry about running out!!!!

  6. Laurel

    Can’t believe Trader Joe’s could sell something so awful. Runny consistency, super sweet and the most off-putting aspect, little hard crunchy bits like fig seeds. It ruined a perfectly good salad. Dumped it in the trash.

  7. Haru

    When it comes to balsamic vinegars and salad dressing, I am very picky. This dressing is amazing! I cannot believe the low ratings. I was sad when the bottle was empty.

  8. Andrea

    This stuff is delicious! I love that it’s relatively low-cal (for a salad dressing), and tons of flavor. A store associate recommended it to my husband when they were out of our regular balsamic dressing and I probably wouldn’t have tried this otherwise. I’m SO glad he brought this home!

  9. Anonymous

    My absolute favorite salad dressing!!! Pairs amazingly with pear, walnuts and goat cheese on a spinach salad!!!

  10. Anonymous

    I don’t understand the bad reviews – I love this stuff! So sorry it’s hard to find now.

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