Trader Joe’s Tuscan Italian Dressing Reviews

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With Balsamic Vinegar.

15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tuscan Italian Dressing Reviews

  1. Wes

    I usually just think Italian dressing is so-so, but this one is perfect. Great flavoring without being too bitter. I will definitely be purchasing it regularly from now on!

  2. Nell

    A tasty dressing for salads or sandwiches.

  3. Carrie

    Probably my favorite dressing! I use it a few times a week.

  4. SIT

    Please Bring this item back. It was our our favorite and used multiple times a week.

  5. Angi Clarke

    This was my son’s fav dressing. I used to drive an hour across the border to buy many bottles of this and other products. So disappointed not to be able to get it any more!! I know so many people who use this. I think discontinuing this product is a big mistake.

  6. Katherine March Scurria

    Bring this back!!!! I just ran out of the last case we bought and I don’t know what to do with myself!! Soooo sad!!!

  7. Yvette Windsor

    Why would you discontinue this? Why was there no public warning before it was discontinued? This is the best salad dressing known to man. We always kept several bottles at a time but now they are all gone. You realize that this will be the cause of another public health crisis? How are we expected to eat salad now? Without this dressing, people will stop eating salads and the obesity epidemic will explode. Bring back Tuscan Italian Dressing now before it’s too late!

  8. Chinkwop

    Best dressing ever! Bring it back or give us the recipe, please?

  9. Kathryn Tucker

    Hands down, the best salad dressing! I was devastated when I learned it had been discontinued. There are no TJ stores near me, so I drove 1.5 hours to stock up on the deliciousness. Hope you consider bringing it back by popular demand!

  10. Alex Koudelka

    please bring this product back

  11. Brenda Hennen

    Still haven’t found a replacement for this dressing! Please bring it back!

  12. Candy R

    Bring it back! We loved this dressing and cant find it anywhere!

  13. Connie Henshall

    Please bring this dressing back! It was our favorite and we haven’t found anything that comes close.

  14. Lorri

    Please bring this back! I have several recipes that are just not the same without this dressing!

  15. Anonymous

    Please bring it back.

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