Trader Joe’s Organic Toasted Sesame Dressing Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Toasted Sesame Dressing Reviews

  1. Jonny

    A well-balanced savory dressing with lots of flavor and a nice thick consistency. Great with hearty salads or as a dip.

  2. sandy soule

    Delicious dressing for sure! Did add a little cider vinegar to make it bit less rich. Would love to order more, but my TJ’s is out!

  3. Pat Herrick

    I opened the bottle that was sealed. Tasted it and left it open on the counter to get salad ready. I turned around to see the dressing bubbling over onto the counter. I put the bottle on a plate and cleaned up the mess. Now the plate is covered in dressing. I used some on my salad and it tasted good. Now the bottle is full to the rim again and about to spill over. There are lots of tiny bubbles rising to the top even an hour later. It’s like it is carbonated or fermenting.
    I googled this dressing to see if this happened to anyone else and I did find someone on Reddit describing the exact same issue.
    I hope it was safe to eat, I don’t think I’ll keep the rest of the bottle in case it is fermenting.

  4. Anonymous

    Can definitely taste the toasted sesame. Creamy. Not as sweet as the poppyseed and maple ones.

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