Trader Joe’s Almond Flour Tortillas Reviews

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Package comes with six tortillas.

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Almond Flour Tortillas Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Trader Joe’s Almond Flour Tortillas are not just healthy; they are to die for. Line one tortilla with a very small portion of cheese spread around a single tortilla. My preference is Trader Joe’s Baby Swiss Cheese. Warm it along with another tortilla in the microwave (no more than 20 seconds). Once that’s done, add a pile of Trader Joe’s Organic Spinach. Place both tortillas together and roll them. Not just super yummy and heathy but a quick fix!

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve also added other things to my warmed tortilla – salmon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes. Yummy!

  3. C White

    I bought them by accident and when I used them for a taco the whole things falls apart. Might be good if you are using is as a base on a plate and don’t want to fold it but otherwise, you’ll end up eating your taco with a fork since it basically disintegrates when something goes inside.

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