Trader Joe’s Stone Ground Corn Tortillas Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Stone Ground Corn Tortillas Reviews

  1. Wes

    These are great for tacos. Pretty good flavor and texture combo.

  2. Rob

    Dry, tasteless, chewy! Made quesadillas with them, and even great avacado, tomato, cheese, fresh chicken, cilantro, and sour cream could not save the cardboard texture!

  3. Dave

    These tortillas make our son cry. We don’t like them much either.

  4. Dave Shaw

    These are far the best authentic tortillas I’ve used in 40 years of cooking Mexican food . All others are full of cellulose and chemicals

  5. Darlene. S

    Best authentic tortillas on the market

  6. Megan. M

    These are made the way the used to be. No other garbage..just 3 ingredients

  7. peter

    these are awful…I have bought them, like a hundred times at least, they always taste the same…but they are cheap.

  8. Jaimee

    It’s pretty close to the taste of cardboard. It’s really chewy too. I heated it on my comal as I usually do. I’ll stick to my tortillas at the Mexican market.

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