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  1. C.M.W.

    For being gluten-free, I thought these were perfectly edible. That may not sound like a ringing endorsement… but so many gluten-free bready products end up crumbling apart or tasting pretty gross (or having some other form of undesirable texture). I know that for tortillas, common corn tortillas are usually gluten-free, so there’s not usually a shortage of options for the GF crowd when it comes to tortillas.

    However, I miss regular flour tortillas, so I was curious about these.

    As mentioned, not bad! The only downside was that they can be pretty chewy. But honestly, I’ll take that over the type of gluten-free flour products that fall apart (ie: a lot of them!), and there was something almost appealing about it. Taste was perfectly fine, and they’re a large size and hold together really well.

    Bottom line: I’d buy it again!

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