Moon X Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Reviews

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5 reviews for Moon X Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Reviews

  1. ROB


  2. Marion E. Sluys

    I am not a wine snob who go into the wine shop and only purchase the 45-75 bottles. I feel very sorry for them as they miss some of the very delightful wines such as the Moon X. I purchase most of my wines under $10.00 and have been disappointed very little. I once had a magnum that was valued at over $600.00. The wine steward actually cried when he opened the bottle because he said it was like a great painting and now only the frame was left. I did not enjoy that expensive wine and most friends with me did not either. So it goes that I do not have to stock my wine cellar with my life’s finances.

  3. Carolyn

    Excellent wine in my opinion! Although I am definitely not a wine connoisseur, this one has become my favorite cab. My pastor, who does fancy himself as a wine connoisseur, also gives it a high rating. My husband bought a case of it today, and half of it goes to my beloved pastor. I do not think this one will be on our communion table!

  4. Barbie

    I love the Moon X Wines-all varieties.
    I have a problem with acidic wines and this wine is just over the line of dry. It does not taste sweet to me, but my daughter who drinks dry wines doesn’t like it. I don’t like sweet wines at all but I love these

  5. kimkats

    The cab is my favorite of the MoonX wines. Not really dry, but not sweet. It hits the (pardon the pun) sweet spot of inbetween. So good with most everything – it’s become my “healthful glass of red wine per night” drink. Super impressed with this stuff, and this brand!

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