Moon X Black Pinot Noir Reviews

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With notes of cherry, plum, and oak.


19 reviews for Moon X Black Pinot Noir Reviews

  1. C-Leaf

    A very good Pinot Noir and an excellent value. After I tried one bottle i went back and bought 4 more.

  2. John

    So bad don’t waste your money’I have a glass and a half and tossed the rest of it, I guess Trader Joe’s don’t have a wine taster

  3. Leslie

    A chef friend gave me a bottle to try, we found it was smooth, deep notes of plum and cherry, great depth of flavor. I expected the price to be somewhere around $30, imagine my shock when I learned Trader Joe’s carries it exclusively for $7.99 here in Florida! I’m heading over tomorrow to buy a case…

  4. hobowino

    Great, easy going $7 bottle.

  5. francis

    Retained it’s structure with pronounced fruit. Very smooth too & opens nicely.

  6. Lou

    Wine is subjective and I must agree with the comment from Leslie. It was a waste of money—especially since it was recommended over a more expensive wine that I knew. To me Moon X is terrible with a strange aftertaste and bears no resemblance to qualities of the pinot noir. The good thing is that I now know a recommendation from this employee is not what I’m looking for and that’s ok

  7. john scheidt

    Excellent wine. It is not a French style wine. None the less very well made and would be great with steak or any beef dish. I give it a four and and half out of five.

  8. Natalie

    Living near several wineries, I’ve become somewhat finicky with my wine. I tried this on a whim (it was only $7, why not?) and went back for 2 more bottles. Delicious.

  9. Sarah

    Someone brought this along to a Christmas party I hosted a month ago. I work in the beer industry. Don’t get me wrong – I love beer. But if/when I drink at home, it’s usually wine. And I was in the mood for a glass of wine with my fancy dinner earlier (steamed green beans with a dash of garlic powder and salt… like I said – fancy), so I grabbed this from my cellar (a really cold closet where I keep the beer I age, and my wine, and my Christmas decorations).

    I gave the wine a swirl, and it smelled fantastic. And then, it was delicious – sweet but not cloyingly so, dry, very easy-drinking. It was so delicious that I immediately searched for it because I was curious how much it would set me back and was fully expecting to be pissed off because I couldn’t regularly afford it. Any other red wine I’ve had that was this genuinely enjoyable has always been unattainably priced for me.

    NOPE. All the Google had to show me was website after website all proclaiming that this wine is a Trader Joe’s wine.

    I am happy. Trader Joe’s, you are the sh*t.

  10. Elizabeth McFarlane

    Excellent! A friend of mine gave me the bottle in a gift basket. So tasty! Definitely will purchase more – love TJs!

  11. Bill

    A definite favorite. Smooth, deep and ready to drink at $7.99. Have found many very good wines at Trader Joe’s. At their prices, half the fun is searching for nice wines.

  12. Frank Swilling

    This wine is terrible! Don’t anybody buy it! (Because I love it and I want it all for me.) But seriously, a friend brought it to a party I threw a week ago and left it behind as a gift. It was love at first sniff. Easy on the nose, and the fruit-forward taste is everything I love about wine. As you can see from reviews, your experience might differ, and that’s fine, because like I said: more for me. 🙂

  13. Paulina

    The 2018 vintage is OK for $6.99. I prefer a little more complexity in my Pinot. This one was like a barely fermented grape juice. Throw in some blood orange slices, serve it over ice, and Moon X makes a rockin’ sangria.

  14. Caesar

    I live in Pinot Noir country in California. I am surrounded by fantastic Pinot Noirs! I bought this on a whim and I’m glad I did. I don’t have your Pinot than most but very, very good. Will be even better in a couple years.

  15. Erv

    I bought some pinot noir for more than four times the price that was about the same quality. Unlike other cheap pinots, this has the real pinot flavor. Is it the best you’ll ever have? No, not at all. But it’s the best you’ll have for less than $25.

  16. David

    Having worked at several wineries in Monterey County , CA that specialize in Santa Lucia Highlands’ Pinots I always approach inexpensive generic “California” appelation bottles with trepidation. But this stuff kills it. It is more to my taste than almost any of the over $30 Oregon and Sonoma County pinots and French burgundies that I have had. I could get all wine snobby in describing it, but let’s just say it is a steal, and very nice wine to have alone or with food. Even holds up to a nice RIb Eye.

  17. Wens246

    This is my favorite wine. Delicious! Can’t beat the price. Trader Joe’s please don’t ever get rid of this wine

  18. Bob Ham

    Moon X really messed me up. I was awake until 3:30.5 off Moon X. If they could make a Moon Z edition, I would buy 17 packs of that for the year. But… it’s December 31st.

  19. Jacqui

    My new favorite wine! I tend to like heavier bodied wines, so would have never bought this one, can’t believe it’s a Pinot Noir?!? So much flavor, dry in the middle, but silky, I would expect this to be a “top shelf” bottle…. hoping they don’t read these reviews and boost the price, like I said…. this will now be My go-to bottle!

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